Doctors & Lawyers for Kids Event

Guests enjoyed a wonderful time at the fundraiser, Doctors & Lawyers for Kids Event on Feb. 27, a partnership of the Legal Aid Society, Louisville Bar Association and University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics. Its mission is to connect the medical and legal professions to address legal needs that affect the health and welfare of Louisville-area children and their families.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Martha Hasselbacher and Sarah Martin.Jeff Been and Kate Lindsay.Hosts Sarah Martin and Dr. Ted Steinbock flank Doctors and Lawyers for Kids President Martha Hasselbacher.Justin Brezosky, Peter Hasselbacher and Benjamin Siegel.Julia Leist and Andy Pike.Mary Pace and Scott Furkin.John Watkins, Emily Lawrence, Jane Mostue and Daniel McGeeney.Christian and Dean Furman.Allen Steinbock and Ann Shake.Board Member Andrea Hunt and Anne Eldridge.Rosella Rudd, Terry Weiss and Sherry Steinbock.Darryl Lavery, Jonathan S. Ricketts and Stacy Eagle.John Nevitt with Kevin and Sunny Lynch.Jim Shake, David Armstrong, Ann Shake and Carol Armstrong.Karen Cassidy, Dr. Lynnie Meyer and Christan Furman.Sherry Steinbock and Dee Pregliasco.