Desserts First

The Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center hosted Desserts First on Feb. 25, where celebrants enjoyed the best desserts the city has to offer. Several Louisville chefs made original desserts, signature drinks and appetizers for the event. Girl Scout Cookies were used as a key ingredient. All raised funds benefited the Girl Scouts. There are only two bakeries in the country that are allowed to make official Girl Scout Cookies, and one of them is right here in Louisville.

Photos By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

Red Hot Roaster\'s Samoa inspired mocha.Erica Parker, Stacie Carter and Leanah Carmona with Comfy Cow.Charlene Staats, Suzy Gessner and Ed Staats.Annette Skaggs and Stephanie Geddes.Judges Michelle Maxim, Danny Mendel, Christine Vaughan and Ashlee Clark Thompson.Rivue\'s kale Savannah Smile cookie crustini with grilled chicken and prosciutto.Rivue\'s Thin Mint, Dosido, and Samoa trio of panacotta.Amy Richter, Tony Boyd and Danilo Crilio with Ladyfinger Catering.BBC\'s holy molé.Ladyfinger\'s Catering\'s stuff pork tenderloin.BBC\'s triple cookie peanut-better square.Evelyn and Jessica Roberts with Flour de Lis Bakery.Peanut butter chocolate girl stout pie.Sunshine Flagg and Margaret Lawrence with Feast BBQ.Feast BBQ\'s Thin Mint and candied ginger chocolate bark.Roux\'s Tagalong stuffed bengeit.Brittany Lesch and Haley Barney with The Melting Pot.The Melting Pot\'s chocolate fondue with crushed Samoas served with a strawberry, brownie, and blondie.Pam Morris and Elaine Mancini from Q&A Sweet Treats.Beth Beck, Bella Portaro and Allison Myers.Q&A Sweet Treats\' bourbon brown butter and butterscotch cheesecake.Craft House\'s Trefoil breaded lamb scrumpet.Nathen and Elizabeth Myers.Christen and Gerry Renders and Jenny carter with Grills Famous Cheese Spread.Elizabeth Leach, Austin Wilson, Katre Kajandi and Zac Cunningham with Bristol Bar & Grille.Darrel Goodner, Zach Hardin and Lynette Ruby with Louisville Cream.Valerie Buccola, Michelle Eckhart and Sharon Satterly.Jaclyn Culver and Jude Lowe.Mark and Laura Mueller with Nate Woodruff.Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Vivian Blade and Danilo Criollo.Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Vivian Blade and Zach Wolf.Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Vivian Blade and Titus Matthews.Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Vivian Blade and Jessica Roberts.Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Vivian Blade, Scott Allgood with John Conti Coffee, Dara Staggers with Roux, Jessica Roberts with Flour de Lis Bakery, Titus Matthews and Zach Wolf with Gary’s on Spring, Danilo Criollo with Ladyfingers CateringThe Orrick family.Chris McGhee with Liz and Christine Vaughan.