Derby Eve Celebrity Party

Beginning late Friday, May 1 and running till nearly dawn Saturday,’s Derby Eve Celebrity Party entertained guests at The Gillespie. Music was provided by celebrity DJ Jermaine Dupri, with an opening set by DJ Kerry Glass. The event was produced by Joey Wagner and Justin Bridgeman. Tickets included complimentary cocktails.


Trish Klein and Chris Ehrler.Angel McCoughtry.Angel McCoughtry and Point Barnes.Chris Beaty and Joey Wagner.Jeff and Marcy Cornett.Ashley Sims, Lonnie Webster and Rachael Hill.Emily Bradshaw and Bonnie Childress.Robert Williamson and Alex Mundy.Mark Miter from Chicago, Stephnie Bryant and Mark Miles.Rainier Cright and Janelle Macklin.Mikeal Pinkard and Jessie Davis.Bruce Paul, Roy Jay White, Major Dodge and Suzanne Posson.Morgan Cooksey, Samantha Burke, Hannah Dabbagh, Molly Gerrith, Mo Riley, Delaney Cowan, Whitney Johnson, Megan Nehus and Point Barnes and some photo bomber guy in the middle.Point Barnes, Kadelyn Mann and Stanley Hall.Mackenzie Patterson, Paige Crooks and Shelby Jackson.Paige Crooks and Point Barnes.Danny Segel, Harmony Cannon, Stuart Olkes and Audrey Kingsbery.Bryan Gillespie and Rian Dunbar.Ashley Kattaman, Allison Cook and Madison Hardy.