Derby Town Get Down

Stephen Reily and his wife Emily Bingham hosted a Derby Eve party May 1 on Main Street. The party featured artist Jacob Heustis, whose works include painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound and photography. Heustis’ works are on display at the Green Building Gallery, Zephyr Gallery, the Kentucky School of Art, the Hite Art Institute, and the Cressman Center for Visual Arts.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Tunesmiths.Stephen Buss wears a Brazen Gypsy hat.Emily Bingham, Sarah Steenrod and Andy and Alexandra Thurstone.Tunesmiths.Letitia Quesenberry, Chad Stockfleth and Amy Mattingly.Rob Kemp, Stephanie Klose, Juliette Gray and Ryan Bodman.Brooke Vaughn and Jason Pierce.Lisa Resnik, Kendra Foster and Jennifer Bielstein.K.P., Whoodie, Garret Patton and Krista Kemple.Diedre Diamond, Michael Aldridge and Heather Hart.Chris Hartman and Joey Yates.Amanda and John Schriber and Ann Keefner.Elizabeth and Kevin Fennell.Briana Browne, Ashley Kruth, Mary Grace Reed and Jazmyn Aria.Dr. Alexandra Gerassimides, Susan Irwin, Mayor Greg Fischer, Susan Kalla and Lynn Fischer.Shane Spalding, Mathias Kolehmoineu, Jennifer Bielstein and Scott Barber.Deborah Bay and Lynette Shaw.Macirn Auvestin.Stephen Reily and Emily Bingham.Cheri Bryant Hamilton, Emily Bingham, Stephen Reily and Morgan and Chris McGarvey.Alia Volz and Whiskey Red.Ella Rennekemp, Esme Tyler and Barbara Becker.Ella Rennekemp, Esme Tyler, Stephen Reily and Barbara Becker.Corey Phillippe, Jenny and Coleman Hulett, Eric Donniger , Kate and Brian Chandler and Megan Ward-Barber.Ally Gay, Christy Brown and Ted Gay.Andrew and Alexandra Thurstone and Conor O\'Driscoll.Jeannie Hilt and Haleh Karimi.Heather Bass, Kaveh Camanian and Pooneh and Reza Leaoli.David Randles and Emily Wickerham.