A Day on the Rocks

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial hosted Derby in a Bottle – A Day on the Rocks – on April 24 at Greystone Estate, which offers a gorgeous view of the Ohio River. Guests were the first in Kentucky to enjoy Moet Ice Imperial, a premium champagne, along with “small bites” by Seviche’s Anthony Lamas. Everyone was encouraged to wear white to the event.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

D.J. Mikus.Addie Mills.Chelsea Anderson, Kurt Roberson and Natalie Schulte.Ken Lofald, Sarah Knabel, Kenny Moore, Scott Ridlen and Gar Davis.Cara and Jimmy King with Joey Wagner.Cara King.Kendall and Shannon Cogan.Nikki Jordan, Charles Mechas, Allison Cook, Hannah Dabbagh, Jacquelyn Ha and Ryan Keeling.Ana Rodas, Valerie Parrish, Kalina Carey, Sarah Knabel and Enrique Montlano.Ana Rodas and Valerie Parrish.Kelly Salat and Jessica Moore.Desiree Zeppa, Rebekah Logan and Suzanne Lawrence.Katie Eichler and Christina Paul.Kristin Young, Kamee Layer, Suzanne Lawrence and Kristi Mathis.Moet flower designer Rebecca Willinger of Nanz & Kraft, Elizabeth Conway, Susan Kraft and Mary Cheatham.Mark Eliason and Jeff Howard.O\'Malley and Christian Dreisbach.Danielle Davis and Christian Dreisbach.Myrna Dinardo and Kathy Baker.Scott Kraft, Megan Whiteside and John Wilson.Larry Sinclair, Tammy York Day, Ali Navigar, Tonya York Dees and Kevin Harned.Tonya York Dees, Jason Bott and Tammy York Day.Lindsey Little, Ana Rodas and Addie Mills.