Daughters of Greatness Award

Guests gathered to celebrate the good work of Becca Stevens, who accepted the Daughters of Greatness Award Jan. 16 at the Muhammad Ali Center. Stevens founded the Magdalene shelter program, in Nashville, offering sanctuary and community to troubled and abused women. Magdalene now has six houses in Nashville and has helped start about 22 “sister program” communities around the U.S.

Becca Stevens.Erin Herbert.RheAnn Whitepeacock and Connie Martinez.Ann Coffey, Beth Peabody and Angie M. Evans.Marcel Parent, Erin Herbert, Ambassador Shabazz and Haleh Karimi.Becca Stevens and Betty Rapp.Maggie and Colleen Clines.Kate Dennis and Cher Asad.Beth Henson, Erlene Grullon, Linsey Bridges and Sara Choate.Gwen Cockrell, Becca Stevens, Sydney Jordan and Anika Rogers of Thistle Farms.Becca Stevens and Shana Goodwin.Katerina Whitley, Valerie Casey and Laurel Heflin.Rick Blackwell and Kari Sims.Barbara Sexton Smith and Ann Coffey.Courtney Morrow, Harvetta Ray and Ana Williams.Rhonda Bridgewaters and Tia Brown.

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