Cured & Crafted

Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. hosted Cured & Crafted, an outdoor artisan market with live music from Doctor Girlfriend, on April 9. Local and regional purveyors of country ham, cheese, chocolate and more sampled their products.


Matt Dodds.Darryl Goodner and Zach Hardin of Louisville Cream.Brett Corbin and Samantha Walace-Corbin.Stan and Donna Nistler, Kasey Maier and Rowland Jones.Bobby Benjamin of Butchertown Grocery and Doug Weede.Lucas Marcoplos and Trinity Campisano.John, Simone, Art and Caroline Salomon.Jennifer and Robbie Bolin.Tessa Ruser and Shelley Piquard.Matt Jamie and Elizabeth Daunhauer of Bourbon Barrel Foods.Matt Jamie and Elizabeth Daunhauer of Bourbon Barrel Foods.Christina Keller of Cellar Door Chocolates.Tanya Hahn of The Beer Syrup Company.Vennita Cantrell.Emily and Matt Arflin.Matt Arflin of Louis\'s the Ton.Kathy Van Ryzin of Yelp.Lindsey Overstreet and Ashley Ray of Heine Brothers\'.Carla and David McDowell of McDowell Farms.Breccan, Finn, Kelly, Shane and Jenn.Sean Allen, Missy Vitale and Stewarts Hoertz.Chan and Mark Milton.Cody Hibbard and Ashley Towning.