Collegiate Centennial Speaker Series

The Louisville Collegiate School Centennial Speakers series features authors, panels and a symposium on teaching and learning. J.R. Ward, a New York Times bestselling author, spoke at the first event of the series on September 17.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Austin Anderton, event co-chair Leslie Geoghegan, Gray Henry and Megan Flodder.Paige Reinstine and Jean Henry.Lower center to left: Emmeline Blakemoor, Leella Scott, Neville Blakemoor,III, author J. R. Ward and Maxine Bird.Babs and Lee Robinson, author J. R. Ward.Whitney and Sissy VanWinkle.Event co-chair Phoebe Wood and Lisa Tate Austin.Pete and Diane Kirven.Martha Hall and Jean Henry.Polly Schulte and Beaver McMahan.Head of School James Calleroz White.Jonathan Wolff.Event co-chair Phoebe Wood.Jonathan Wolff.Head of School James Calleroz White.Martha Hall.Jean Henry.Author J. R. Ward.Author J. R. Ward.Author J. R. Ward.Neville Blakemoor,III.