Butchertown Art Fair

Guests gathered on June 4 and 5 in Butchertown for the eighth annual Butchertown Art Fair. The event included over 80 art and craft vendors, food trucks, kids’ activities and more. Attendees also brought items to donate to Hildegard House.


Dodie Wrocklage-Harp and Gina Greenberg-Moller.David King and Alexa Kerley of David Kenton King Ceramics.Hilary Ford, Kyle Bailey, Morgan, Matthew Williams and Selena Galloway.Keke Dozier, Copeland Benjamin and Hanna Dozier Benjamin.Jason Floerke and a Owner of Play, Chris Galla.Hanna Dozier Benjamin and Copeland and Bobby Benjamin.Alicia Pahl-Cornelius, Nick Johnsn, Kate Bringardner and Deborah Dewey.Kellee Ross.Courtney Bennett, Ayunu and Yoko Suzuki and Maggie Burst.Holly Williams with Laces of LoreKatie Fiebeg, Valerie Williams and Robert and Mark DeJong.Robbie Evans and Kim Lee.Mark Hoffmeister and Chuck Ehrenhaft.Susana Coto-Kerk.Stacy Bargo.Shaunna, Andelae and Lynn McCoy.Robin Ragsdale and Ashley Brossart.Chris Plummer and Nick Johnson.David and Meagan Honnaker.