Bottoms Up Bash

Mellwood Arts Center hosted a party to decorate underwear, the Bottoms Up Bash, on March 6. Attendees had a blast raising money for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project, while enjoying live music by Louisville band Kudmani, as well as appetizers, a dessert bar, signature blue cocktails, wine, beer, an underwear decorating area and more.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Kudmani.Kudmani.Kudmani.Kudmani.Kudmani.Jordan and Whitney Morris, Allison Myers and Kelly and Turner Wathen.Silvia Richard.Reese Walton and Leah Vanderwerp.Robin and Steve Powell, Jill and Mark Vanderwerp and Carol Walton.Bethany Williams, Kim Kolb and Pam Robinson.Margaret and Caleb Payne, Hilary Deskins and Olena Goff.David Doolittle, Leah Renhardt, Casey Pierce, Callie Gray, Lynn Coryell and Emily Miles.Taylor Ingram, Jack Hillard, A.J. Ingram and Liz Hillard.Madison Essex.Casey Erwin with Matt and Rebecca Maniago.Heather Osborne with Jeff, Karen and Jim Ising.Laura Butcher and Jill Ramsey.Erin Bramblett, Tabitha Pollard and Sheila and Kevin Ward.Standing: Chad, Whitney, Diane and Bruce Perry. Seated: Mark and Mary Bramblett.Vanessa Ruppe, Sarah Johnson, Brent Smith and Miranda Sloan.Michael Ruppe.Leah Karins and Bill Hayden.Lisa Rubarts, Vanessa Giancola, Becky Syme, Carol Thompson, Dana Willis and Carol Thompson.Gretchen Rinehart, Kelly Reinecke and Anissa Hawkins.Patty Francis, Colon Cancer Prevention Project Executive Director Andrea Shepherd and Lindy Reinhardt.Tammy Maloy and Todd Cissell with  Lauren and Pam Broadus of Splendid Events.