Boo La La Halloween Ball

Olmsted Parks Conservancy hosted the Boo La La Halloween Ball, its most important fundraiser of the year, on October 24 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. The event, which encouraged guests to arrive in costume, included dinner and dancing to Burning Las Vegas, and proceeds benefited the parks’ historic restoration, environmental protection and community well-being.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Sarah Terry and Haddie DeHart.Kelsey and Jeff Helstowski.Matt and Emily McLaren.Mike and Elizabeth Mays, Megan Ward and Scott Barber.Mary Michael Corbett and Sam Corbett.Sandy and Bryan Alvey.Cocktails were served.Patti and Robert Imperial.Traci Stemmle, Hannah Brady, Tim Stemmle, Madison Orman, Royce Donovan and Kelsie Orman.Joanna Conklin and Kimberly Cyrus.Olivia Miller and Patrick McLaughlin.Adam Hall and Daniel Gilvin.Ken Brown, Director of Marketing and Communication Liz DeHart and April Brown.Lucy and Matt Spalding.Sam Corbett, Mary Michael Corbett, LouAnn Atlas, Sherri Craig and Ryan Coady.Rob and Kristin Townsend, and Ann and Kevin Hochman.Susannah Stevenson and Cindy Droste.Dick Ryan and Nancy Bush.Susann Fangman and Karen Hauber.Gary White, Jayne McClew, Diane Partridge and Jeff Polson.Mary-Gwynne Dougherty, Theresa Beames and Maria Koetter.Jellyfish costumes were easily spotted during the cocktail reception.Lois Pontrich and Skip Miller.Terri Burt, Ruth Trautwein, Tracey Trosper, Doug and Beth Peabody, Patrick Donley and Charlie Trosper.Mary-Gwynne Dougherty and Peter Dennis.Shonita Bossier, Gail Strange, Betty Baye\' and Christi Lanier-Robinson.Boo La La.Ellen Bland, Cheri Sims, Sharon Finlinson, Janet Hendricks, Susannah Stevenson, Cindy Droste, Mary Lowry and Wayne Perkey.Kristen Klakulak and Dr. Melisssa Dorsett.Boo La La.Boo La La.Boo La La.Boo La La.