Barry Wooley Pop-Up Chef Event

On May 19, Barry Wooley Designs held a pop-up event featuring tastings from Chef Agostino Gabriele from Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, Chef Anoosh Shariat from Anoosh Bistro and Chef Hong Wong from Tea Station Chinese Bistro. Author Nancy Miller signed her book “Secrets of Louisville Chefs Cookbook.” Thirty percent of book sales and a portion of retail sales benefited Neighborhood House.


Chef Jay Bellucci from Vincenzo\'sMaria Velasco-Lockard Nohalty and Bryant Nohalty.Joshua Griffin and Author Nancy Miller.Barry Wooley, Author nancy Miler and Joshua Griffin.John Flynn and Mark JohnsonChef Oscar Maldonado and Kami Fatehi of Anoosh Bistro.Alex Miller, Denise Sears, Pam Rice and Jim Rogers of Neighborhood HouseFallon and Kitty Pfeiffer.Katie Payne, Beth, Pam and Logan Leet and Dee Massengale.Judge Denise Clayton and Mariellen Swanson.Anita Powell and Jacqueline Smith.Izzy Jones and Nancy Miller.Sara Osborne and Joshua Wilkes.Kim and Lizzie Smith and Shane Wohlschlegel.David Pendras, Bryant Nohalty, Maria Velasco-Lockard Nohalty, Kevin Grangier, Lizzie Smith and Shane Wohlschlegel.Jude Loew and John Meltron.Denise Sears and Michael Brosko.Dr. Randy Minnick, Tom Whitted and Julie Minnick.Deb Faith and Joni Sillings.Debbie Connelly and Tammy Shaw.Anne Burkley and Athena Noam.Mitch and Cheryl Lary.Steve, Summer and Ericka Hartung.Eric Williams and Anita Powell.Emily Maher, Tiffany Savona and Vicki Dortch of WLKY and Author Nancy Miller.Phala Bernhardt and David Levine.Barry Wooley of Barry Wooley Designs and Pam Rice of Neighborhood House.Chef Roland Wong from Tea Statio Bistro.