Bardstown Road Aglow

For the 30th year, the Highlands was host to Bardstown Road Aglow on December 5. Considered the busiest shopping day of the year for area merchants, the event featured holiday specials and deals at the eclectic shops, restaurants and bars along Bardstown Road for visitors from far and near.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Christine Smith and Anna Twyman.Ashely and Isla Hildebrandt.Emily Martin, Mia Hawthorne, Santa Clause, Kristen Hawthorne, Seivan Braffet-Jointer, Jordan Hawthorne and Caroline Cabezas.Lisa and David Pohl.Leesa Mattingly, Shannon Price, Mary Baumler, Kathy Nockerts and Emily Pearson.Kris, Brittney and Grace Gorter, Brandi, Leland and Tim Bernauer.Becky Bartley, Jennifer Coe and Theresa Smith.Jennifer Coe and Theresa Smith.Mary and Ron Kemper.James and Rachel Kemp.Bill and Susie Tonini.Susie and Bill Tonini and Dan and Mary Catherine Bowling.Debbie Tross and Linda Schreck.Robbie Schaffner and Preston Dillard.Krista Dolan and Josh Flesch.Eric Norrington, Allie Rawley, Katie and Derek Traughber.Eric Norrington, Allie Rawley, Katie and Derek Traughber. Liz and Corey Richter.Cathie and Dave Brown.Ken Sumner, Terry McDonald, Bob Korn, Annie McDonald, Karen Sumner, Marc and Deanna O\'Daniel, Cathie and Dave Brown, Bill O\'Daniel.The Santacon 2015 group.Bardstown Road Aglow.Dr. Maria Bowling, Dan and Patti Bowling.Brian Wiech and Andrea Shpilberg.Sissy and Mara Helm.Panta.