Awards in the Arts

Fund for the Arts held its inaugural Awards in the Arts during Opening Night at Churchill Downs in tandem with the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation and Churchill Downs on April 30. In addition to the live racing, actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists and more delighted guests throughout the venue as attendees celebrated some of the best in Louisville arts.


Louisville Youth Choir.Tom Seacat and Rhonda Hibdon.Leighann Pusateri of Cirque Louie.Julia Carstanje ad Elizabeth Wester.Cath and Congressman John Yarmuth.Cirque Louis.Cirque Louis.Chris Humphreys, Beth Beck, Lauren Gibson, Phil Pearson, Lauren Cherry and Adam Rumoler.Rhonda Jo Conner and Rosemary Hocker.Pat Man, Tim Maciejak, Josh Laughlin and Johnna Kelly.Amy Denison, Andre Wilson, Suzanne Whayne and Soozie Eastman.Eric Gurevich Abby Shue, J.P. Davis and August Anderson.Michelle Bickeman, Jesse Levesque and Kara Nichols.Rache Platt and Ken and Anne Selvagg.Dr. Kris and Tonya Abeln.Gregg and Lesa Seibert and Brett Bachmann.John Cox and Jessica Kidner look on as Petersen Thomas paints.Jonathan Blue and Chuck Mitchell.Andrew and Steph Horne.Kent Taylor and Kimberly Nasief.1200 and Katie Lee JonesStephen Lewis, Douglas Riddle, Sandra Trager and B.J. Pagano.Alfred F. Gerrieth II and Ed White.Sony Steier and Annie Burkley.Andre Wilson, Ken and Carolle Jones Clay and former Louisville Mayor Dave Armstrong.Scott and Mo McKnight Howe.Angela Leet, Tom Noland, Vivian Sawyer Lucy Layton Shaver, J.R. Streeter, Susan Sams Priest, Amy Streeter, Lindsay Layton and David Grantz.BLURRYChristy Brown and Mark Charles Heidinger of Vandaveer ogling Jennifer Lawrence\'s Oscar.Kelly Maciejak and Meredith Lawrence are big 1200 fans.BLURRYKY Fund for the Arts President ad CEO Christen Boone and Vice President J.P. Davis.Cirque Louis.Cirque Louis.Cirque Louis.Dancing.Cher Collis White, Rachel Farber, Marilyn Collis Sexton and Terry Meiners.Dancing.Dancing.Rob and Noelle Penta, Kris andTonya Abeln, Jason Schmidt and Madison Ewing.Nancy Tafel and Soozie Eastman.Gift Bags.