ALO à la Carte Preview Party

The ALO’s Preview Party kicked off the 29th season of à la Carte, a series of fund and friend raising events that benefit the Association of the Louisville Orchestra, a non-profit organization that promotes support and awareness of  the Louisville Orchestra. This year, the event took place at Running Water Farm, the home of Brad and Carla Sue Broecker, on May 26.

Photos by BILL WINE

Dan and Randi Austin.ALO Ala Carte Preview Party.Member of the Board of Directors Harriet Treitz, Corresponding Secretary Board of Directors Sue Bench, VP Membership Board of Directors Gloria Bailey, President\'s Appointments Board of Directors Anne Tipton, member of the Board of Directors Dottie Nix anCharles Hebel and Ed Schadt.Dan Austin, Dennis Hesthaven, Jeanne James and Don Baxter.Charles Hebel, Ed Schadt, Jana Dowds and Carol Hebel.Barbara and Dieter Kindermann.Michelle Winters and President of the Executive Board of Directors Tim Tomes.ALO Ala Carte Preview Party.Paul Casi, Sr. and Joan Casi.Tom and Jody Block, and Pat and Bill Wetherton.Brenda Balcombe, Shelley Hay, Jan Clanton and Jana Dowds.Hugh Shwab and Barbara Hood.ALO Ala Carte Preview Party.Jeannie Brereton and Jean Watson.Linda Weeter registered.Linda and John Weeter.Janice Blythe and Mary Lerman.Jerry Smith, Pat and Glen Damron.Sue Duvall, Dan Southern and Dottie Watson.Helene Katz ,Robynn O\'dell, Jane Hopson and Marilyn Frankenberger.President of the Executive Board of Directors Tim Tomes and Executive Director at The Louisville Orchestra Andrew Kipe.Suzanne Whayne, Harriet Treitz and Robert Whayne.President\'s Appointment Board of Directors Paula Harshaw, Winslow Fairleigh and Julia McCall.Evelyn Becker and Janet Falk.Sue Duvalls, Dan and Ruth Scully.ALO Ala Carte Preview Party.Joey Seay and Winslow Fairleigh.David and Jeanne Ferguson, Barbara Hood and Hugh Shwab.