Styling Grace: Grace Wainwright of “A Southern Drawl” Blog

Grace Wainwright is a southern-loving gal with some serious style. Born and raised in Louisville, this fashion blogger is turning heads on social media and growing a major following. The 22-year-old bioengineering grad student started her blog, A Southern Drawl, back in 2011 and it has grown immensely.

Wainwright, who graduated from Sacred Heart Academy, went on to attend University of Miami, Florida for her freshman year of college. She then transferred to the University of Louisville for her remaining three years. During that time she studied bioengineering and is now in graduate school for bioengineering as well. “I want to stay in Louisville, but jobs in bioengineering are sparse so I’ve been playing with the idea of blogging full time but would like to use the schooling I spent so many years in somehow,” Wainwright says.

mixing_patterns“I started blogging when I transferred back to Louisville as a hobby, and it kind of grew into a business from there. When I really began to invest and started blogging consistently, that’s when it began to grow and I started reaping the benefits of it. Social media and posting quality posts has really helped grow my following. That’s when I started to see an increase in traffic. Instagram is really great for style bloggers. Twitter also and now Snapchat has become pretty big. Snapchat is big because I think people like to see the behind the scenes daily life of a blogger – which is never all that fabulous! I since then upgraded everything and really took the time to learn the process of photography; people want to see pretty clothes in a pretty picture.”

As far as Wainwright’s personal style, she describes it mainly as feminine and classic. “Sometimes, I’m nervous to use the word preppy to describe my style but, to me, I am preppy in a sense. It takes on a different meaning to everyone. But I’m always down to branch out and try new things. Blogging has allowed me to really develop my personal style.

“I’d say the most fun part of blogging is creating the shoots and being artistic since bioengineering is so black and white. I’ve gotten to meet so many different and cool people, and I’ve become good friends with other bloggers I’ve met. Bioengineering lacks communication like that, so it’s fun receiving emails from people and getting to respond to them.”

boating outfit a southern drawlWainwright credits her boyfriend with helping her take the photographs for her blog. “My boyfriend has always kind of been into photography as a hobby, and it grew from there [when he began helping me]. I’d definitely say if it wasn’t for him, my blog wouldn’t have grown so much in the past few years – not just because of his photography, but his support as well. For example, if we go to somewhere like ReSurfaced for dinner, like on a date night, it doesn’t have to be scheduled out [with a photographer], which is nice.”

Speaking of cool places in Louisville, Wainwright stays very social trying new places and taking advantage of what Louisville has to offer. “In the summer [my friends and I] love Waterfront Wednesdays. I also stalk the food trucks in Louisville! I think the restaurants here are so fabulous. We really like Louvino. Garage Bar is really great too – it’s got a great atmosphere for pictures and of course great drinks!

“While school and blogging take up a lot of my time, I’m really into fitness and working out as well. I actually just launched a new blog design and I added a food and drink tab so I can share healthy recipes, which has actually been pretty popular so far. My workout routine varies – it just depends on my class schedule or I’ll do a lot of things on my own. If I only have 30 minutes to work out, I’ll lift weights rather than go running or something. I see more results lifting weights. I do some cycling too. I really love Orangetheory as well. I tried Soul Cycle in New York City, and it’s life changing just like everyone says! Orangetheory is the closest thing I can find to that here.”

As far as the future ahead of her, Wainwright seems to be taking it all in stride. The perky brunette blogger says she hopes to continue to blog for a while. “I added a travel category recently too … which I don’t have much time for now with school, but I’ve also dabbled into other things as well. I’m launching a YouTube channel for beauty soon – mostly makeup and hair. I’m really excited to share that with my followers!” VT

Whichever direction life takes Wainwright, whether it be style blogging or bioengineering — or perhaps making bioengineering stylish — you can keep up with all she has to share at

By ALISSA HICKS, Contributing Writer

Photos courtesy of ANDREW ADAMS

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