Stories of a Lifetime: April 21, 2016

WAVE 3 Shannon Cogan and Kevin Harned 4-18-16 CL

Thunder is one of the most anticipated events. Every year, it just keeps getting more powerful. For me, it’s a joy to take my kids, who are both 7 years old, to see the show and take part in the festivities. Last year, I got to fly with the Thunderbirds. I got so sick! Like, four times sick, but it was amazing. Having that experience, I have a better understanding and appreciation for the airshow.

– Shannon Cogan, News Anchor at WAVE 3 News

WAVE 3 Shannon Cogan and Kevin Harned 4-18-16 CL

One of my favorite memories of Thunder was actually traveling to a small town in Pennsylvania where they make the fireworks at the Zambelli Headquarters. To see the work and craftsmanship that goes into making the fireworks was really cool. It’s fascinating how it all comes together.

– Kevin Harned, Chief Meteorologist at WAVE 3 News


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