Mrs. KY, Adopting The Title

She was second runner-up to Miss Kentucky World, but since adding a ring to her finger, she’s now donning the crown as the 2012 Mrs. Kentucky.

The mother of four children adopted at birth – Diego, Braeden, Haven and Jagger – Kathy Polston-Dalton has chosen adoption as her platform as the representative of Kentucky and will promote the cause during the Mrs. United States pageant this summer in Las Vegas.

“I plan on being a huge advocate for adoption throughout my year as Mrs. Kentucky and for many years to come,” Kathy said. “My mother and father were older when they had me and I was an only child. They had talked about adopting but didn’t do it. I just wanted to adopt my first child and when we adopted Diego it’s like, we’re definitely going to do this again.”

Only 10 percent of the 6,800 children in the Kentucky Foster System were adopted last year. That’s why Kathy is emphasizing both the benefit and importance of giving a young child a chance at life.

She’s also working hard to dispel the myth that adoption is a grueling, lengthy process.

With an accredited, experienced adoption agency and the right lawyer, she said, a couple can complete the process fairly quickly and pain-free.

“Adoption was, and is, the greatest experience (my husband and I) have both ever known,” Kathy said. “We went through an agency through (another state). It was easy for us because we did not specify gender, we did not specify race. Whatever God placed us with, we were thrilled. It can be as easy as you want it to be if you are accepting and go through a reputable agency and reputable lawyer.”

In addition to child adoption, Kathy is also passionate about the pet population and has become involved with L.I.F.E. House for Animals, a no-kill canine and feline adoption facility.

She is the owner of 10 dogs and 10 cats, many of which would have no home otherwise.

“I keep animals that no one wants,” she said. “I do adopt them if I find a home that would work for the pet.”

As if that weren’t enough to keep her busy, Kathy is also a supporter of the American Heart Association and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, by which she has been nominated Woman of the Year.

A pharmacist by trade, Kathy said she’s considered a possible political career in the future, as well.

Regardless of which path she chooses, though, once she hands over the crown to her Mrs. Kentucky successor, she said pageants will likely remain a part of her life.

“(Mrs. Kentucky) has probably been my favorite (pageant) and maybe even had I not won it,” she said. “It’s not all glamorous; you’re giving your time freely. It’s work but also very rewarding. I’ve had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to continue, and I feel like it will make a difference in my life afterwards.”

Photos Courtesy of ANDREW KUNG

  • Impressed!

    Thanks so much for highlighting a REAL Queen! This woman and her husband are special. Adopting one child is no small task but 4 children?? I am super impressed with this couples commitment to doing good and giving these kids a real chance with a real home. It warms my heart. Adding numerous pets to the equation tells me Mrs. Kentucky has got a heart as big as the State of Kentucky. The photos of this family are just heart warming. Keep up the good work. The article was a breath of fresh air. An ordinary woman can do extraordinary things. Wishing them nothing but blessings.

  • Inspired Educator

    Unwanted children have become an epidemic in Kentucky, the United States, and our world as a whole. Today’s encounters of casual sex has led to many unwanted pregnancies, which have left thousands of children to be adopted. I am humbly thankful to see The Voice-Tribune provide hope by focusing on Mrs. Kentucky, Kathy Polston-Dalton and her “family.” This couple and their “heartfelt” love for children and pets sets the golden standard for creating a compassionate, healthy living environment for changing lives. Raising one child can be an intense challenge, but making a commitment to four children and their “total” needs is inspiring to me. Most news articles focus specifically on negativity, crime, murder, etc. and it’s refreshing to finally read about the “good” that is happening around us. Thank you Mrs. Kentucky United States 2012 for making adoption your platform and for allowing The Voice-Tribune to reach your audience. Ladies like Kathy can change the entire world one child at a time.