Making Your Event Fantastic and Fanciful

For your next child’s next birthday party, do you need a massive replica of Cinderella’s castle? Or perhaps a backdrop of the Emerald City? Or maybe you just need elegant tables, chairs and place settings for a corporate gathering. Or simply festive holiday centerpieces and décor? Whatever your need, there’s one place that has you covered; it’s right in the name. Events.

TVT_3006In 1989, Nancy O’Hearn was working for another event company when a series of circumstances led to her having to work on projects from her home. Knee-deep in work, O’Hearn needed a helping hand, which came from an unexpected assistant. “I just happened to have somebody remodeling my basement at the time, and he was kind enough to help make these big vintage carts for me,” she recounts of preparing for an event.

The carts were built but were too big to get up her basement stairs. O’Hearn and her newfound partner quickly had to break them down then rebuild them at the event space. “It was hard, but we did it, and that’s how it all started.”

TVT_3027O’Hearn officially started her company in 1989 and has been growing it ever since. Her first location, after her basement, was a building on Baxter Avenue. Originally, the company only occupied a single floor and the basement or “bat cave,” as they called their storage space. “Then we became so big that we were the bat cave and the office and the second floor, and then we were the bat cave, the office, the first floor and the attic,” she recalls with a laugh. “So we were squished! We had to find something bigger.”

That space came in the form of a building on Story Avenue, which the company began leasing in 2000. With enough storage and building space to suit their needs, they’ve been filling their showroom with the most whimsical decorations and stylish party needs one could ever dream of for the past 15 years.

Weddings and corporate events make up the bulk of Events’ business, but the company also specializes in birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, holiday gatherings and galas. There are actually shopping centers in five different states that contract Events to do their annual Christmas décor. “We say, ‘If you want it, we’ll do it for you,” O’Hearn maintains. “We’ll make your dreams come true. We may not have the stuff today, but we make them in the back and we’ll have them tomorrow!”

TVT_3013Indeed, O’Hearn will work with any client to create exactly the event he or she wants with every set piece, linen and centerpiece necessary to make the client’s dream a reality. Whether the event is a 4-year-old’s backyard birthday party for 20 or a cosmopolitan Derby gala for 500, O’Hearn will ensure it is the absolute best it can be and do so while sticking to the client’s budget. “You bring in an amount, and we’ll fill it with everything we can to make that dream come true,” she asserts.

And what they’ll fill that budget with is anything and everything that will completely transform your event. “We change atmospheres,” she asserts. “Even when you come into the store, you are in a different world, a different place when you walk in the door. And that’s what we do with the venue. We want you not to be in Uncle Bob’s barn but somewhere fantastic and fanciful.”

O’Hearn does indeed take great pride in her company and what it’s able to accomplish for her clients, but more than anything, it’s the happiness she’s able to create that really keeps her coming back every day. “It gives me a satisfaction to please people,” she says with a smile. “So when you walk in with your dream, it’s very satisfying to put together something that you have dreamt.”

So instead of balloons or tinsel for your next party, why not stop by Events and see what sort of grander offerings are available? Whatever your budget, there’s sure to be something they can do for you, something to make your event one that will both dazzle your guests and exceed your wildest dreams.

Events LLC is located at 1332 Story Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. For more information visit or call 502.583.5007.

Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune