Hairdreams Are Made of This

Among great hair salons, a few select qualities define the crème de la crème. Lyndia R. Willis Hair Spa has them all.

One of those qualities is experience, and you’ll certainly find it at 2850 Frankfort Ave. when you see who’s standing behind the salon’s impeccable white chairs.

It’s a mother-son team. Lyndia Willis has been styling hair for decades, and Mike Willis has been involved in the beauty business as long as he can remember.

The salon is impressively clean, illuminated by sunlight through the front glass. With the finesse of an accomplished painter, Mike puts the finishing touches on a woman’s celebrity-worthy style.

Born into a family of hairdressers, he grew up around a salon his mom used to run called Headlines.

TVT_0083_webNaturally, he wanted to do something different when he grew up.

“It was one of those deals where I said I would never do it, as a kid,” Mike says with a chuckle.

Instead, he fell in love with the business. It was something about the opportunity to find unique solutions for people that got him hooked.

“As cosmetologists, I think we’re responsible for finding answers for our clientele,” he says.

Indeed, like you’d expect from a world-class salon, Lyndia R. Willis Hair Spa provides solutions, for both women and men, that you can’t get just anywhere.

It’s the only salon in this part of the country to provide Hairdreams, a hair thickening and lengthening system developed by a company in Austria.

It was also the second concept salon in the world for Philip Pelusi, a renowned line of hair care products developed in Pittsburgh.

TVT_0132“We try to use the very best color line that we can use for our clients and the very best tools, even down to our blow-dryers,” Mike says.

A top-of-the-line salon must also hold its stylists to a high standard. That’s certainly the case with the three cosmetologists who work for Mike and Lyndia.

“I do demand excellence,” Mike says, “and I think our clients demand excellence.”

He holds himself to the same standard: “If I need to go to the edge of the world to try to please a client, I will do that.”

While Mike talks, his mom is blowing out a client’s hair. The warmth Lyndia shares with this woman is palpable, the mark of a well-earned trust.

Pausing to look up from her work, Lyndia sums up the salon’s success in a word: “consistency.”

“She’s not going to keep coming to me if most of the time I don’t do it like she likes,” Lyndia explains. “I have to be consistent.”

Whatever the industry, that’s a standard of service that Mike calls “a dying breed” – you only find it on occasion. But his customers find it every visit.

“I think they’ve come to love the fact that when they come here…they don’t have to worry about their hair.”

TVT_0116_webBut if you really want to know where a salon stands in the community, you need to know its clients.

“I would put them at the elite of the elite within this city,” Mike says.

They include a host of prominent Louisvillians, including John and Elizabeth Oldham, Terri Bass, Marlene Weisberg and George Nichols.

The salon has also been the choice of 2015 Miss Kentucky Katie George and other beauty pageant standouts.

Clients flock from as far as Illinois, Tennessee, West Virginia and North Carolina.

“They don’t mind driving to us,” Lyndia says.

Says Mike: “They get their hair done and then fly back or drive back.”

But the most vital force behind the success of an elite salon is its owners’ passion to help people feel beautiful.

“You can change somebody’s looks immediately,” Lyndia says, by giving them hair they’re proud to wear. “It’s the cheapest, shortest route to a change.”

And that’s why, sometimes, clients walk out of Lyndia R. Willis Hair Spa crying – for joy. VT

For more information, call 502.893.4441 or visit lwillissalon.com.