Fab Over 50? Definitely. We Make A Believer Out Of Judy Shaw

Guest Writer

Shortly after turning 53, Judy Shaw looked in the mirror and saw a mother and wife who cared so deeply for others but, like so many caretakers, she’d neglected herself and it was starting to show in the way she carried herself.

Shaw had recently returned to the corporate world, a place she hadn’t visited for nearly a decade. She knew her no-nonsense jeans and T-shirt look was outdated, but more than anything, she wanted to feel better. “I just wanted someone to please tell me what to do,” she recalled.

After hearing Shaw’s story, the talented stylists at Joseph’s Salon & Spa and the ladies at Clodhoppers set out to make Judy over.

The Consultation

The makeover began at Joseph’s, where hair was the first item on the agenda. During the consultation, Judy expressed how let down she’d been with her hair lately. From the ages of 17 to 35, she’d visited the same hairdresser because, as Shaw put it, “She just knew me.” But her original hairdresser, now lived far away, and with little time to spare, Judy began settling for wherever she could get a haircut, which had contributed to her lackluster ’do.

Hair & Makeup

The professionals at Joseph’s added a few highlights to match the lighter brown color of Shaw’s brows and updated her short cut to make it more current.

Next was makeup, which seemed to be the biggest challenge. Shaw felt she lacked time for herself; this carried over into her makeup routine.

Before Judy reentered the business world, she had purchased all of her makeup products from a department store, where they were hand-selected specifically for her skin and preferences.

Over time, however, her busy working schedule didn’t allow her the luxury to spend the time needed to be this selective with her makeup. Instead she usually found herself in the aisles of drugstores, hurriedly scanning the shelves and choosing whichever color or brand she found first.

At Joseph’s, a makeup artist wiped off Shaw’s thick, layered foundation, dark lip- and eyeliner, and rouge-colored cheeks. Then came the advice: less is more, particularly as we age, since women over 50 tend to have more wrinkles. Thick makeup can exacerbate the appearance of lines, which is why an Aveda tinted moisturizer was used instead of foundation as a base.

Shaw was used to wearing black or dark brown on the top lash line because she felt that it opened up her eyes. But, she learned, as we age, our eyes tend to narrow, so it’s better to shy away from dark lining because it will actually give the eyes a sunken look rather than bring them out. Instead, Shaw was instructed to use a taupe and somewhat shimmery base all across the lid, a light brown in the crease, and a medium brown along the lash line. To top it off she used a dark brown mascara on both top and bottom lashes, waiting a minute or two between coats to avoid clumping.

A peachy, bronze blush was applied along her cheekbone and on the apples of her cheeks to give a sunny glow. Aveda lipstick in Cherrybud was applied to Shaw’s lips and added the necessary finishing touch to her vibrant new look, making her look years younger.


With her hair and makeup finished, the next stop was Clodhoppers.

Shaw tried on numerous dresses at the St. Matthews boutique, finally deciding on a little black dress, a wardrobe must-have. The Clodhoppers staff added a pop of color by draping a blue pashmina around Shaw’s shoulders and tying it in the back.

The Result

“I feel myself smiling just a little more,” Shaw said days after the makeover. “As far as my daily routine goes, a little less time is spent worrying and fixing. And when I look at myself, I feel like I’m a little less hard on myself. I’m not so bad, after all!”

Photos By TONY BENNETT | Contributing Photographer