A Successful Landscape

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Lauren P. Della Monica was never a great painter. With her first degree in Fine Arts from Vanderbilt, Della Monica didn’t have much of a choice, studio art was a requirement.

The theory is, you must learn to use the material yourself before you can truly understand what an artist has done with it. Such is the role of a curator, specifically, Della Monica, who positively aces her role as an art consultant.

Her degree from Christie’s Education in Connoisseurship taught her skills of bidding at auctions, how to judge the quality of a painting, pricing art and bridging the gap from the creative side to working in the field. Which, Della Monica says, is where she’s always been. “When I moved to New York, I was meeting all of these creative people who were doing the business and law side of art. It’s such an interesting combination. I launched my consulting company in 2004. I run a business, so a law degree is a very good thing.”

Some people think Della Monica, author of Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views, simply went from painter to litigator. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Della Monica takes a curatorial approach to her work; she relishes in opportunities to show different options to her clients, to teach them a little bit. Her clients are individuals and couples seeking beautiful investment-quality pieces, or wanting to put together collections and to learn about art.

With years of working with clients, Della Monica realized that most clients and buyers––despite looking at a variety of pieces––are comfortable buying landscapes. With clients always wanting to see their options, Della Monica thought, “wouldn’t it be great if I could show a look book to clients first to see what appeals to them…”

Voila! Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views.

But why publish a book about art? Nevertheless, landscapes? The thing about the book, says Della Monica, is that “it’s made for every audience. You don’t have to be an art history scholar to appreciate the appeal of modern art. Contemporary art is a huge portion of the market these days. But I was purposeful in including a variety of styles.”

And truly, Della Monica’s book is a fresh take on our every day lives. With 15 artists in each chapter, many of the book’s images are from around the world; cities, farms, beaches. Landscapes, in a “more traditional way, people are comfortable with that. Whatever style it is, landscape gets people a foothold into the art world as something they can relate to.”

Despite a multitude of people able to relate to this style of art, Della Monica says she isn’t measuring her success as an author on how many copies she sells. Instead, she’s considering the new opportunities that have presented themselves since the book release as her indication of success.

“I’m really a teacher in a lot of ways. How a work of art fits into a bigger meaning and what the artist is trying to achieve, is what excites me. This book has really opened some doors for me to work on different projects—public exhibitions. More opportunities have come from this versus actual sales of books, and I consider that a huge success.”

Lauren P. Della Monica will be at the first ever Bittners Showroom Gala on Saturday, Sept. 14 during the Hermitage Classic weekend to meet with guests and sign copies of her book.

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