New Jabs, Same Theme. The Rivalry Continues

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If you consistently scrimmage the same opponents week in and week out, you can easily predict your opponent’s next move resulting in your skills becoming stale and untested. Of course, we don’t want our two hot-heads to get stale so we took advantage of Matt’s time away and threw his KSR co-host, Drew Franklin, into the mix as a sparring partner for Tony. New jabs, same theme. The CATS v the CARDS: no blow is too low; no record is too far removed; no national title is off limits.

TONY VANETTI: Apparently there were two wins in football for the state last weekend. Louisville beat Temple in Philadelphia, Kentucky took their moral victory at South Carolina. I will give y’all credit, it was a heck of a second half. It does seem like Stoops is changing the mentality there in the football office for Kentucky, right Drew?

DREW FRANKLIN: Yep, Tony, it is a moral victory, and we are counting moral victories. Not all of us can play high school teams. Right now, we are playing against the big boys and doing the best we can.

VANETTI: You had to get some  satisfaction from making Spurrier squirm a little bit. Who do Kentucky fans despise more, Pitino or Spurrier?

FRANKLIN: That’s a tough one. Probably Pitino because we see a lot more of him. Spurrier just comes in once a year and beats us. I’m going with Pitino here. But what about your Cards? Who have you played this year?

VANETTI: You know what, I have no come back for this, the University of Louisville is doing the best they can with the schedule they’re in the year before they go to the ACC. But Temple is an awful football team and Louisville should have looked better in the second half of the game. At this point, Drew, I don’t know how you tell these players that they have no shot at the national title game. It’s hard to motivate them when they know they can’t go to the title game.

FRANKLIN: And they are having to watch all of these other teams who have coaching jobs open and they know Charlie Strong is just looking for a reason to get out so that’s got to hurt their motivation as well.

VANETTI: Now, Alabama comes to town at Commonwealth Stadium, you are a twenty-seven point underdog. Your feelings on Saban coming to town?

FRANKLIN: Twenty-seven point dog, that’s exactly where we want to be. We are going to bring them in, they are going to think they are going to have it, they’ll get complacent and Kentucky is easily going to pull this off. Easily.

VANETTI: OK, a win against Alabama, at Commonwealth Stadium, Saturday night, bigger than winning the National Title game last year in basketball?

FRANKLIN: Uh, no. Well…

VANETTI: Two years ago, sorry, I forgot. We won it last year.

FRANKLIN: Yeah, thanks for reminding me. But no, not even close. It’s always going to be about basketball for Kentucky.

VANETTI: Speaking of that, I went to the Red vs. White scrimmage on Saturday, I’ve seen enough. I think Louisville is better than last year. I know y’all have a pretty good squad there and you’re looking to go 40-0, how do you think that’s going to unfold?

FRANKLIN: I think if they get past Michigan State we can talk about it. I’m not worried about the Cards at Rupp. Even though Louisville is very good this year, having the home court advantage, I don’t think Kentucky will have to worry about it.

VANETTI: Tell  me the demeanor of Calipari these days. Is he giddy like he was in 2012?

FRANKLIN: He’s walking around with his chest out, he said he went home and was dancing in his living room the other day. He said every player across the board played great. I think he has some eyes on Rick coming back to town. I think he was a little jealous of Rick getting all of the attention over the summer.

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