Calipari Throws Shark Bait as Cards Take Weekend Off

TONY VANETTI: Hey Matt, you guys get to have a win in football, that’s something different, tell me your feelings on that.

 MATT JONES: Well, Kentucky is going to be able to start their five-game sweep of the final games in the SEC this week. They have some problems right now trying to figure out what to do at quarterback.  They beat Mississippi State if they would have had even average quarterback play. Max Smith was just awful, I doubt we see him play at Kentucky in a significant role again, I think they have moved on. I think you’ll see Reese Philips be the new back up behind Whitlow.  I think they win on Saturday and the hope is to get one or two at the end of the season.

VANETTI: Wait, Max Smith won’t even be the backup on Saturday?

 JONES:  It depends on the situation. If the game is over and Whitlow gets hurt and they just want to finish the game, maybe it will be Smith, but if they need a QB to win a game, or to start a guy, I think they move to Reese Philips. Max’s arm just isn’t what it needs to be.

 VANETTI: Louisville is off for the weekend in football before they get back to…

JONES: Haven’t they been off for most of the weekends? I can never remember when they are playing, it never seems like they have a real opponent.

VANETTI: No, they beat South Florida, 34-3, they are a real opponent…for the most part. Most of the time.

JONES: It’s good they finally found a directional team in Florida they could beat after losing to the central part of Florida.

 VANETTI: I can’t really argue that point and I hate you for it. Louisville basketball kicks up this week against Kentucky Wesleyan and then they move to Pikeville and College of Charleston when they hang the 2013 National Championship banner.  It’s going to be a packed house at the Yum! Center and I can’t wait.

 JONES: Well you need something positive to happen—you’ve had a murderous row of one thing after another and I admit, I got joy out of all of it. But my favorite, is that now, apparently, Chane is back. Even after last week, in this very newspaper, when you said Chane would never play at Louisville again, how did you like your boy Rick Pitino saying, “well, he’ll be back in a short period of time?”

 VANETTI: He called a separate press conference. He said he wasn’t just kicked off the team, he was kicked out by the University. He had to involve Tom Jurich, which has never happened before. I apologize for believing Rick Pitino.

 JONES: That was your first mistake; you should never believe Rick Pitino. And that’s OK, you’re a very gullible human being who thinks, “well, Rick would never lie to me.” Here’s what I like about what Rick did. He didn’t say Chane was back until he was out of the city. He was in Owensboro eating BBQ and said, “oh by the way, Chane is back. See you guys later.” And then he left.  If Rick didn’t exist, you would have to create him just to have something to laugh at.

 VANETTI: Yes, yes, because Cal is no different in the over the top behavior.

 JONES: Calipari is an exaggerator and is full of it in some respects. But Rick just lies, and there is a difference. Now again, they are fun lies. Let’s have some fun with this.

VANETTI: Now, I don’t want to see any connection between you and Thomas Ray from Mississippi.

JONES: I love that by the way. This guy lives in his mom’s basement and tried to extort Best Buy and then tried to extort UofL. I think UofL is completely innocent in this and these allegations are stupid, but every crack-pot in the world looks at Louisville and goes, “I bet I could make some money from those guys.” I like the fact that you all attract the down-trodden society and that makes me happy.

VANETTI: The only person who has ever extorted Louisville is Craig Kragthorpe for 7 million dollars.

 JONES: Well done. Kentucky also kicks off their basketball season this week, they play Transylvania this Friday, a very difficult test to start the season.  Calipari is very excited about the group. The Louisville fans I know are still upset about his speech where he said, “We are college basketball.” He loves to make you all angry with comments like that.

 VANETTI: It’s like chum to the sharks. He’s just throwing out shark bits and blood into the water so your rabid fans will just chew up everything that he says. It should be a fantastic season for both schools. I can’t wait for the AP pre-season rankings to see who is No. 1 and who is No.2.

 JONES: I think before it’s over, Chane Behanan is going to end up being an assistant coach for UofL. He may even get hired in the athletic department because that is how false everything our man Rick says.

VANETTI: I can’t argue. He loves to stir the pot. I am not happy with the Behanan turn around.

 JONES: You weren’t happy with the Hurtt turn around either. Is there anything your school does that makes you happy anymore?

 VANETTI: No comment.