Swimmer, Runner, Scholar

Matt Bode is headed to Davidson College on a swimming scholarship. The Collegiate graduate maintained a 4.0 grade point average and also excelled in swimming, in cross country and in track. He won state titles in swimming as a member of Collegiate’s 200 and 400 free relay teams in 2014 and in cross country in the 3,200 and 5,000 meters. He will concentrate on swimming at Davidson.

11356202_10205822185425547_899979837_nWhy Davidson?

First of all, both my parents went there, so I kind of have that connection. I visited the campus several times before I got into high school. It’s really just a beautiful place, so of course I wanted to take a visit there, get to know the team. Really, I just loved the coaches and the team, loved the academics, so it seemed like the right fit for me in multiple places.

Are your parents from North Carolina?

No, my dad is actually from Pittsburgh and my mom is from Florida, so I’m a diehard Steelers fan.

What were the options?

It came down to Davidson, William and Mary and IU, at the end. So I had to decide between  those three, all of which were great options.

Did you surprise yourself with how much you were able to accomplish in high school?

It’s been an interesting journey because I think that I have more natural talent in running, but swimming has kind of been my sport ever since I was really small. So I just work hard every day and try to do my best, and that’s where it ended up.

Will you pursue running down the road?

Probably the only running that I’ll be doing will be triathlons in the future. I don’t plan on running in college, but it is an option that I can keep open.

What do you excel at in running – longer or shorter races?

In cross country, it’s definitely distance, so, the same in swimming. I’m mostly longer; I can’t really sprint. I can keep up a pretty steady pace for a pretty long time.

Growing up and swimming in Louisville, who was your idol?

I didn’t start at Lakeside. I started swimming in the summer, and I started with Tritons, another club team, and my first coach was an Olympic gold medalist, Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt. She doesn’t live in Kentucky anymore, but my friends and I, we always looked up to her as a swim coach and a role model for most of my childhood.

What do you see as your biggest accomplishment?

I’d say winning the two relays that I won my junior year at state. That was probably the most amped up I’ve ever been in my life.

What was it about Davidson that made the decision an easy one?

I just fell in love with the school. Coming from a small school, Davidson also is a small school. I get to keep that small class feel. I’ll actually get to know my classmates, get to know my teachers, and I can form connections with people there. And that’s something that I might not get at a larger school.

Are you a Steph Curry fan?

I am a Steph Curry fan. I’ve been ever since he went to Davidson.