Purdue Academics Clinched Trinity’s Dawkins

Trinity’s Dalyn Dawkins kept the Cathedral Defense on its toes during a game last season. Photos by JAMES EATON | Contributing Photographer.

Trinity’s Dalyn Dawkins kept the Cathedral Defense on its toes during a game last season. Photos by JAMES EATON | Contributing Photographer.

Dalyn Dawkins rushed for 1,479 yards and 18 touchdowns for 6A State Champion Trinity. He also had 38 catches for 367 yards and 5 more scores. The Rocks running back signed with Purdue University. His father, Ralph, played at UofL and was a starter on the 1991 Fiesta Bowl Champs.

Dalyn, at 5’8” and 181 pounds, was overlooked by some schools because of his size, but is looking forward to getting a chance to be an every down back for the Boilermakers. He picked Purdue over Western Kentucky and Colorado State.

KENT TAYLOR: Why Purdue?
DALYN DAWKINS: First of all the academics are great, I really couldn’t pass up that opportunity. They’re in the Big Ten, that’s big time football right there, and it’s a huge campus, very nice place and I love the coaching staff there. I got to meet with some of the players who are already on the team and they were cool.

TAYLOR: How much did the proximity to home weigh in?
DAWKINS:  That played into, that’s why Colorado State was kind of hard for me to go there, the distance was a little too far. Purdue was the best situation.

Dalyn Dawkins.

Dalyn Dawkins.

TAYLOR: What about Coach Darrell Hazell did you like?
DAWKINS: I’ve got a lot of respect for him, for what he accomplished at Kent State. He’s a cool guy, he’s very up-front, he’s going to be honest with you and tell me the truth. He wanted to give me time, he didn’t want to rush me into the decision.

TAYLOR: Are you upset, (or) do you feel like some schools overlooked you because of your size?
DAWKINS: I wondered that sometimes, but sometimes things happen for a reason. If it was meant for me to go to Purdue, it was meant for me to go to Purdue. I saw it when I was up there, I liked it a lot.

TAYLOR: Will you play as a freshman, or will you redshirt?
DAWKINS: All three schools were willing to give me a true opportunity to play as a freshman. That’s all I ever wanted, I want to be able to compete as a freshman. If I’m not ready, I’m not ready, but I think I’ll be ready.

TAYLOR: Did UofL recruit you at all? I know they have some running backs, but how involved were they?
DAWKINS: They were recruiting me just a little bit, not too much. I don’t know what it was about them, I guess they didn’t want me.

TAYLOR: Your dad played in a couple of games for UofL at Ohio State – what did he tell you about the atmosphere of Big Ten football?
DAWKINS: It’s very different, it’s one of the best football conferences, that’s for sure. The fan base is great and it’s always going to be a packed house. Playing at Trinity I’m used to that.

TAYLOR: Purdue has traditionally played Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan – what place are you most looking forward to going into and playing?
DAWKINS: Ohio State and Notre Dame.

TAYLOR: What are you going to study there?
DAWKINS: I’m still undecided. Probably business and marketing.

TAYLOR: Was there a time when you thought you would end up at Cincinnati?
DAWKINS: I was really leaning towards Cincinnati, the whole season, I said I’m going to Cincinnati, I wasn’t really worried about the recruiting process because I knew I was going to Cincinnati. Then Coach Butch Jones left and I had to reconsider that.