Lachlan McLean Returns to Radio

He’s back! Lachlan McLean returned to the Louisville airwaves this week as the co-host of the “Midday Rush” on ESPN680. A longtime host for SportsTalk 84 on 840 WHAS, he had been out of the sports radio business for almost a year. McLean moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, with his family last summer but is back in town and ready to talk sports again. His new show, with co-host Andy Sweeney, airs from 10 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday on 680-AM and 105.7-FM.

What did you miss the most about talk radio?

I missed the fact that people actually cared about what I had to say! Lecturing my daughters on sports topics and seeing blank faces got old really quickly. No, seriously, I missed the passion of the fans in this area, especially about college basketball.

How did the new show come about?
I wanted to be on a station committed to local sports and ESPN 680/105.7 was the perfect fit. They’re completely local from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., something that has never been done in this market. I was intrigued by their plans to grow the station and was glad to jump aboard.

Kelley Carson with Lachlan and Caroline McLean.Will the show be guest or caller driven?
A combination of both. I’ve never had a ton of guests on my show because I think coaches and athletes are usually generic cliché machines and bring nothing to the table. A guest needs to bring some kind of unique perspective or information, so we’ll look for those. And of course, we’ll always incorporate callers. They raise great points that I’d never get to on my own.

How surprised were you by the Elite Eight loss by your alma mater Virginia?
Not surprised at all. Simply because every Virginia fan knows our athletic teams have a history of breaking your heart. Even when we were up by 16 points, I never believed we had it in the bag. As the UVA website streakingthelawn.com wrote: “Perhaps the best way to describe being a Virginia fan to outsiders is that it’s like being an eternal catastrophic pessimist: ‘Yes, the sunset was lovely from the observation deck of this cruise liner, but what are we going to do when the engine catches fire tonight?.’”

Which team is going to win the National Championship on Monday?
Gotta believe it’s UNC. They’ve always been deep and athletic but couldn’t shoot. Now that they’ve seemingly added an outside touch, it’s hard to imagine them going down.

Are you prepared to share the mic with a co-host?
I am! I’ve never worked with a co-host, so there will be a feeling-out process as Andy and I figure out what works best. I’m excited about the opportunity to incorporate different opinions into a show, and the likelihood of debate should make for good radio.

You did some fill in work in Charlotte. What is the biggest difference between sports talk radio in a pro town and sports talk radio here?
I didn’t sense the same passion in the fan base for pro sports as Louisville folks have about the college game. Don’t get me wrong. When the Panthers were unbeaten, there was plenty of interest … but it didn’t feel as intense as it is around here about UofL and UK. Perhaps it’s because pro sports are less about rivalries and more about performance, so there’s less anger in a pro town. It didn’t feel as crazy.

  You played “Mr. Mom” for a while. Is that a more difficult job than your old gig?
Ha! That was the best time of my life. My old gig didn’t allow me much time with my daughters, and I always regretted it. It’s been awesome to have unlimited time with them recently. If that means washing a few dishes or doing some laundry, it’s well worth it.

If you could interview, no questions off limits, one person in the world of sports, who would it be and why?
Easy. Tiger Woods. I’d love to try and break through the shell he gives to the world. His fellow PGA Tour pros say he’s a funny guy, but all you see in press conferences is robotic vanilla nonsense. I’d love to try and get some real insight into why he acts the way he does.

Of UofL, UK and IU, which has the best shot to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship next spring?
It’s always gonna be UK. They’re always going to have the most talent and therefore always be the favorite. That being said, they’ve underachieved versus expectations for two years in a row now, so there’s a just a hint of pressure on Cal to live up to the hype of his latest epic recruiting class. VT