Jawon Pass Is Coming to the Cards

Jawon Pass is the highly rated quarterback from Carver High School in Columbus, Georgia, who committed to UofL this summer. He can officially sign with the Cards in February. Khane Pass, his older brother, is a freshman safety for the Cards. Jawon is 6-foot-5 and listed at 220 pounds. His Carver H.S. team played Creekside High School from Fairburn, Georgia, on the Friday night before UofL’s season opener against Auburn in Atlanta. A hundred or so UofL fans were in the stands to cheer on Pass. He picked the Cards over Alabama and Auburn.

Did you notice all the UofL fans?
I saw them all, and I appreciate them coming out to show me support.

What does that mean to you, that there were hundreds of UofL fans?
It means a lot. It just shows their loyalty. I love Card Nation.

What would you tell UofL fans – what are they going to get in Jawon Pass?
They’re going to get a hard worker, a good leader. A guy that isn’t ever going to give up, a humble player.

iWho would you say you’ve modeled your play as a quarterback after?
I would probably say Cam Newton. I look up to Cam Newton.

Is Teddy Bridgewater on that list?
I see a little Teddy in me. I’m just ready to do great things at Louisville.

What is the best part of your game right now?
My ability to run the ball and pass at a high level. I can do both.

What are you working on most?
Small mechanics. I’m working on small mechanics more than anything.

What excites you about playing for Bobby Petrino?
He’s an offensive genius. I can come in under him and get prepared for the next level and do great things.

Do you anticipate playing next year?
It’s up to the coach. I’ll come in, stay humble, work hard and, however it plays out, that’s what’s meant to be.

Did you used to work at Auburn games?
I actually worked in the concession stand. VT

Courtesy photo