The Homegrown Boy Won’t Stop

Bonnafon, a graduate of Trinity High School, has gotten back on the field by making plays at running back and wide receiver. He started five games in 2014 at quarterback, including the Cards 31-28 win at Notre Dame. He missed one game last season, after his father, Wallace, passed away unexpectedly.

How difficult has this season been, and how have you stayed positive?

I know I’m kind of a dynamic athlete, and I know I can do a lot of different things on the field. So me necessarily not being a quarterback on the field, as of right now, that didn’t keep me from wanting to be on the field and not wanting to contribute to the team, to the victories that we want to achieve.

What is your relationship like with Lamar? Is it like a big brother?

It’s like a big brother/cousin type of relationship. When we travel and things like that, we’re roommates, so we’re constantly joking around and just having fun. He makes things kind of relaxing a little bit – he’s kind of a goofy guy. Me and Lamar are pretty tight.

Coach McGee said before the season that he would joke with you and say that Lamar is faster than you. Is he?

I don’t like giving him credit. I always mess with him and tell him I’m faster, but, yeah he’s pretty fast.

What do you like about being on the field as a running back or as a receiver?

I just like having the ball in my hands. Just me making plays to help my team win. That’s really what I’m about and really what right now my role is.

How much did what you went through at Trinity (having to wait until your senior year to start at quarterback) prepare you for your current situation?

I think that helped me a lot. Going back there a couple of weeks ago, I actually told those guys that I appreciate them doing that for me now because, looking back on it, it helped me for this situation that I’m in now, and it wasn’t really a big transition for me. I think that worked in my favor.

Is that win at Notre Dame something that will stick with you forever?

It was amazing. It was a great experience. That’s one thing that I’ll hopefully tell my kids about when I get older and grandkids. I’m looking forward to it, and I appreciate the trust in the coaches that they had in me, going there and pulling out a victory.

When you think back on it, what is the most vivid memory?

I’d have to say when I took a knee and turned to our fans and saw how many fans were actually there. I heard them the whole time, but to actually look up and see everyone that was there in South Bend was pretty cool.

What the fastest that you’ve been clocked in the 40?

4.4 flat.

What about playing in your hometown excites you?

It’s very exciting, to be in the city that I grew up in, to have that city across your chest when you run out on that home field. It’s very prideful. You take every game seriously because you know you’re representing not only yourself but the city you were born in and your family and things like that. I’m glad I made the decision to come here.

How important has the UofL family been to help you get through everything that you’ve had to get through, with the loss of your father, over the course of the last year?

They’ve done a lot for me. Just the support that everybody has had, guys being like father figures to me since my father passed. I can’t even thank the football family enough for everything they’ve done for me and continue to do for me.

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune