Demling Predicts Bright Future For Cards

Jody Demling is well known as a high school, golf and recruiting writer. The Trinity High School and University of Louisville graduate spent 22 years at The Courier-Journal covering a variety of local sports. In July Demling left the C-J to run a UofL fan site in the FOXSportsNEXT family. His site, cardinalauthority.com, is a subscription service for UofL fans, a way to keep up with all things UofL.

Kent Taylor: How difficult was the decision to leave The Courier-Journal?

Jody Demling: It was the toughest of decisions, yes. I spent 22 years at the C-J and really never had another true job. I started working there in college and had been there ever since. But I felt like it was time for me to move to another chapter in my life. It was the best decision for me and especially for my family, and it’s been a great couple of months.

K.T.: Which event will you miss covering the most?

J.D.: I think just being around the high school scene on a day-to-day basis will be something I miss. I’ll still be at the bigger events, including Derby and UofL games, etc., but some of the relationships I built with high school coaches and administrators. Those will be ones I miss seeing all the time.

K.T.: Who would you say has been your favorite athlete to interview?

J.D.: Wow! There are so many. I would have to say one of the best interviews has been recent – Mario Benavides. Perhaps my favorite one to cover and talk with after games was Michael Bush. You could just always tell he was a kid who was going to make it.

K.T.: Of all the events that you have covered, which ones stand out?

J.D.: Ryder Cup was my favorite, being there on 17 green when the U.S. won the Cup was something special. And then Phil Mickelson – draped in an American flag running down the 18th fairway and I was just off to his side. Not sure that moment will ever come again in my professional career, pretty amazing.

K.T.:  What sets “Cardinal Authority” apart from other fan sites?

J.D.: First of all, the Fox SportsNEXT crew is the best at the national level. We have three national basketball analysts, Evan Daniels leading the way, and over 30 national football analysts. So we have recruiting covered. Plus, I believe with my newspaper background I bring a different approach to the team-specific site and I believe for fans it’s really enjoyable. We had 26 position series feature stories in a two-week stretch on the football team – no other site can say they did that – and I also try to hit all the sports.

K.T.: Which sport generates the most Internet traffic?

J.D.: Basketball still gets the most traffic but football is not far behind. A lot of excitement across the board this year at UofL.

K.T.: Which UofL football player will surprise fans in 2012?

J.D.: I believe Damien Copeland will have a huge year. Has been injured and just not used a lot but now the junior WR is battling Charles Gaines for time at the Z receiver and he’s going to have a good year. Speedy, great hands and a blonde mohawak – how can you beat that?

K.T.:  How many games will the Cards win?

 J.D.: I still haven’t predicted the season on the website – will come just before the opener – but I will be picking 10 wins.

K.T.: What is your score prediction for the UK-UofL game?

J.D.: I think the UofL defense is going to be solid this year, will hold UK down. I say UofL 24-10.

K.T.: Which Bowl game will the Cards play in this winter?

J.D.: They win the league and go to a BCS game for the second time in school history. I have seen a lot of predictions back and forth but I say Orange Bowl.

kent taylor sigKent Taylor is a sports anchor for WAVE 3. See more of his work at www.wave3.com or by tuning in to the NBC affiliate.