Brown Is Counting His Blessings

TVT_6836DeAngelo Brown is the man in the middle of the UofL defense. Listed at 6 feet and 308 pounds, he can stuff the run and rush the passer. His sack on Notre Dame’s final drive last November helped push back a Fighting Irish field goal, which was eventually missed, sealing a 31-28 Cards win. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Brown has battled back from an Achilles injury early in his career to become a constant on the defensive front.

How would you describe the feeling when you get to a quarterback and you know you have a sack?
It’s a great feeling. It’s just a relief to know that you put so much work into it in the preseason and camp and all that stuff and all those practice reps. When you get there and hit him, it’s a blessing. It’s a great feeling.

When you put pressure on a passer, even if you don’t get the sack, how quickly do you know if you’ve forced a turnover, like the interception you forced against Clemson?
Any time you can hit the quarterback or make him uneasy, make him throw the ball before he wants to, you’re going to have a great play. We’ve got great guys in the backfield that can make plays.

How did you end up at Louisville from Savannah?
Louisville was the first school to offer me out of high school. I really didn’t know too much about Louisville when they first called me. I just took a visit up here and I fell in love with it.

Being from Georgia, does it mean something to you now, that you’re playing for the guy who was the defensive coordinator at the University of Georgia?
Yeah it’s great. Coach [Todd] Grantham is a great coach. He’s a great guy. He’s very smart, and I just love the scheme.

Did he recruit you at all at Georgia?
No, they didn’t recruit me.

What did your sack on that final drive of the Notre Dame game mean for your confidence?
Just being able to make that play in a critical situation for my team, it was just a blessing. Those are plays that you dream of as a kid, on those types of stages and to just be able to make it – it was a big blessing.

What are the keys you look for in any given play? What are the main things you focus on?
Just studying film. I try to look at snap count indicators from the center to the quarterback. I try to look at how guys come off the ball and stuff like that. Just paying attention to detail and really focusing in on what the other team is doing.

How do you get away from football?
Just going to church, you know, worshiping God and just listening to the music. I just love listening to the music.

You have a church here that you go to?
Yes, I go to St. Stephen Baptist Church.

Are there a lot of players that go to church together?
Yeah, we have a lot of guys. Guys like Jermaine Reve, Corvin Lamb – a lot of those guys, we’ll get up on Sunday morning and go to church and just praise God. It’s great to get away a little bit. I love the game; I’m always around it; I’m always studying, always doing something, but you also need that time away from it. Just to do something else, and I feel like going to church really helps me out. VT