Boley Is Hitting the Big Time

Erin Boley is the first player in Elizabethtown High School history to score over 3,000 points in her career. Boley reached the milestone with a 22 point, 18 rebound, seven assist and four steal outing in a 90-11 win over LaRue County on Monday night. The 6-foot-2 senior and Miss Basketball front runner signed with Notre Dame in November. Earlier this month, she was named a McDonald’s All-American, just the third girl from Kentucky to ever receive that honor. The others were former UofL center Sara Hammond and current UK guard Makayla Epps. Boley is averaging 25.4 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. Her current Panthers team is 19-2 and tips off play in the Girls’ Louisville Invitational Tournament on Friday at 7 p.m. in Knights Hall at Bellarmine University. The semifinals and final are on Saturday at Christian Academy.

Your team is has only lost two games this season, what makes you guys so good?
I think this year especially, we have really great team chemistry. We all know each other really well; we’re all really close. I think that helps a lot. We started improving from the first game that we had, the first scrimmage that we had. I think that’s one good thing about this team is that we are really good but we have a lot of room to improve. I feel like we’ve been steadily improving since the beginning of the season.

You had one that you won 80-7. Does that show that you play some defense too?
We’ve been working on our defense really hard. We work on it a lot in practice. Every single day all of us are putting in a lot of work on defense and I think that really helps.

You are No. 1 in the state, but there hasn’t been a state champion in girls basketball at E-town since 1998. Were you even born then?
I was born in ’97.

How important is it and how much does the team talk about bringing another state championship here?
We talk about it a lot. This year it’s a big goal of ours. Especially for Rachel [Warden] and I – you know we’ve been there the past two years. We’ve been in the state tournament. As a team, our goal is definitely to win a state championship and we make sure that that’s said and that’s known for all the girls on the team.

You’ve been close, finished as the runner-up as a sophomore. How much does that motivate you?
It’s pushing us a lot. Rachel and I were both starters on the team when we lost in the state championship and it’s definitely motivation for us. We know what it’s like and we know what it takes to get there and we know just how hard it’s going to be for us to get there again this year.

How fun has this season been?
I love this group of girls. I’ve grown up with them since middle school and I love being around them. I love playing with them. It’s been so much fun.

What does it mean to you to be a McDonald’s All-American?
It’s a really great honor. It was really exciting when I found out that I had made the team, and it really it is a dream come true. It’s something that I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl.

Where were you when you found out and what was that moment like?
I was at home. I was watching the selection show with my parents. It was amazing, just being able to see my name on the screen. I’ve watched the selection show the past few years. I’ve known a lot of girls that have been in the games in the past, so it was just an amazing experience to be able to see my name on the screen.

Is it hard to believe that you’re only the third girl from Kentucky to ever be named to the team?
It is hard to believe. The other girls who have also been McDonald’s All-American’s from Kentucky I’ve watched play college, and they’re all really great players. So it’s an honor to have my name anywhere near theirs.

Do you even allow yourself to think about being named Miss Basketball in Kentucky?
It would be a huge honor if I was named that. It’s been a dream of mine also since I was a little girl, so that would be a great honor. VT