Bats’ Matt Andrews Also Calls UofL Women’s Hoops

Matt Andrews is the voice of the Louisville Bats and of University of Louisville women’s basketball. The radio play-by-play man took over the big job in the Bats booth in 2010. Andrews joined the Bats in 2003 as the radio partner of Jim Kelch, and when Kelch got the call up to Cincinnati, Andrews slid over a chair. He has also called Morehead State basketball.

Kent Taylor: When did you start doing play-by-play?

Matt Andrews: In my parents’ living room at about the age of 11. I started doing high school games at about 13, and my first baseball job was in my junior year of college. I did student radio in college at Ohio State.

K.T.: Where did you grow up?

M.A.: Washington Courthouse, Ohio. Bloomingburg, Ohio, is the mailing address. It’s kind of south-central Ohio.

K.T.: So that makes you a big Buckeyes fan?

M.A.: Big fan, Ohio State graduate.

K.T.: How did your professional career path take you to Louisville?

M.A.: My junior year of college I did Frontier League ball with the Chillicothe Paints, an independent team. My second year there was the summer of my senior year, but I had another quarter of school left, which happened to be the National Championship Ohio State football year of ‘02. I did the student radio broadcast of that game, graduated that December. In November I got a call from the commissioner of the Frontier League, Bill Lee, who had hired Jim Kelch for his first job in Chattanooga. Bill had been questioned by Jim, if we had anybody in our league that could come and fill in while he did some TV and what not. Bill told me to send my stuff to Jim. I interviewed in November of ‘02 and started in January of ‘03, selling as well.

K.T.: Has Jim Kelch served as a mentor to you?

M.A.: Absolutely, one of my best friends and without a doubt, my mentor.

K.T.: What are the main things that you have learned from him?

M.A.: Perseverance, patience, professionalism. There are long days of travel, the season is long, even wins or losses, but Jim is a guy with a great family. He’s a guy that lived in Louisville all this time to make that next step to the big leagues. Persistence is the big thing.

K.T.: Do you enjoy the change in seasons?

M.A.: I’m ready for hoops, and I’ll be ready for baseball in March. I have as much fun doing basketball as a I do baseball. I love calling hoops. I grew up around basketball more because my dad coached high school ball. I was always around the gym, and obviously this is basketball heaven here in the Bluegrass.

K.T.: If you are an Ohio State fan, what could ever top calling that National Championship game?

M.A.: I was still an amateur, student radio, it was pretty amazing. My brother didn’t play in that game, but played for Ohio State that year and lettered. My whole immediate family was there, it was a great night in the desert.

K.T.: Is that your dream job, to be on the Ohio State radio network?

M.A.: I would say to call major college athletics, probably at Ohio State would be a dream job. Obviously I love what I do at Louisville. The major leagues in baseball would probably be the ultimate dream for me.

K.T.: Who is your favorite Louisville Bat of all-time?

M.A.: Probably Corky Miller. As far as the personality, the player, it would be him, as far as the best player that I have seen come through here, it would Joey Votto or Josh Hamilton.

kent taylor sigKent Taylor is a sports anchor for WAVE 3. See more of his work at www.wave3.com or by tuning in to the NBC affiliate.