Cards Excitement

So here are some random musings from the week that was, and the week that’s yet to come in Louisville sports. While some people have been kept busy by still trying to digest their Thankgiving meal, I’ve been processing the world of sports from the comfort of my couch. Why? Because it’s nearly 2015 and I’m getting a little lazy. So, here goes.

No Bull

Georgia? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I think for Louisville to come up against an SEC team with a winning record is great, especially when that opponent spent most of the season residing in the top-10 of the AP poll. In fact, despite the betting in Las Vegas opening up with Georgia favored by a touchdown, it will be a game that Louisville can and should win. With confidence riding high after the win over Kentucky, and a defense looking to prove themselves after an uncharacteristically sloppy display in that same game, Louisville will have more than a fighting chance against the Bulldogs. While many felt that the last minute change in projected bowl games lineups was a slight against the Cardinals, (especially when most felt Petrino’s men would be facing an opponent in the Music City Bowl) it will be a great game.

If that wasn’t enough, those who felt they would need to decide between the bowl game and the big basketball game between UofL and UK now there’s no need to worry. You can watch both.

Cards in the MLS

While football and basketball tend to get the plaudits, soccer should occasionally get a shout-out, especially when you consider how many Cards ply their trade either in the MLS or the next tier down. One such player who exemplifies this is Andrew Farrell, who became the first Cardinal to appear in the MLS Cup finals, playing for the New England Revolution. In fact, since 2011, there have been 11 of coach Ken Lolla’s men who have made appearances in the MLS and now either play in the league or one step down. That’s a quick and meteoric rise for the men’s soccer team. So kudos.

Still Undefeated…

David Levitch just can’t lose. The beastly point-guard walk on is fast becoming a cult hero. Yes, minutes for the North Oldham product are sparse – but he’s doubled his points average per game, got his first career start against FIU and has yet to lose after two years in the program when featured in a game. The legend of Levitch lives on.

On a side note, how good does Chinanu Onuaku look? Yes, he’s a little raw, but he has the ingredients that Montrezl Harrell had a few years ago, that, with the right coaching can produce a fearsome, intelligent and highly productive player. Harrell stepped up when he had to, so expect Onuaku to do the same in coming seasons.


We started with bowl talk, and we’ll end it with bowl talk. While it’s been a great year for Louisville, one or more teams you have to feel for is Baylor and TCU. Here you have two teams clearly more deserving than Ohio State in going to the National Championship play-off and yet they were overlooked. Bigger ratings with OSU playing? Perhaps. Bias for a team whose schedule was as weak as last year’s? Absolutely.