Weather Won’t Slow Cards

I’ve seen football played in snow, torrential rain and wind so strong that passes and punts would go backwards!

I have even seen high school fields in Eastern Kentucky that had no grass which meant that players had to battle mud and standing water that was over their shoe tops.

One afternoon in Hazard on a grassless field dug out of the side of a mountain, the field was nothing but mud and water.

Once a player was motionless and had passed out face-down in the muddy water. Hazard had a player named Jake Fitzpatrick and a teammate pulled the troubled player out of the water. But he took a look at the player he had rescued and said, “Hey, you ain’t Jake!” – and dropped  the opposing player back in the muddy water!

Too much for drains
Thank goodness that nothing like that happened to any player during the Louisville-Southern Mississsippi game Saturday night in Hattiesburg. There was no mud to worry about, but the field was covered with  artificial turf and there was so much rain that the drains couldn’t handle the downpour.

It’s a good thing that no Cardinal or Southern Miss player was addled and went face down in the deep standing pools.

In his booth in the press box, Paul Rogers, the radio voice of the Cardinals, couldn’t see numbers of the players and was pleading for windshield wipers!

Several of the pools had collected so much standing water that they were dangerous.

The undefeated Cardinals (5-0) will travel to Pittsburgh Saturday. Game time and TV have not been announced.

Cards now 16th
Charlie Strong’s Cardinals climbed a notch to 16th in USA Today’s Coaches Poll. Cincinnati, which looms as UofL’s toughest Big East Conference opponent, is ranked 23rd. The Bearcats will come to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium Oct. 26. UC won at Virginia Tech 27-24 last week.