Salute to Pitino and Dr. Singletary

Before I begin my sermon for the week, please allow me to say something nice about a coach and a team, specifically Rick Pitino and his University of Louisville Cardinals.

Coaches are judged by how much their teams improve by when they started the season and how they do in the NCAA Tournament.

Pitino and his Cards both pass the test for adulation and success.

He had his team at its peak when it needed to be.

No two players on the same team have ever improved as much – and peaked at the right time – as have Chane Behanan and Gorgui Dieng.

Cardinal fans can hardly wait for next season when both are due back. If they do return, there’s no reason that UofL won’t be in the preseason ratings right up there with Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina.

Before we proceed, please let us hear one more time how much better the Big Ten teams are than those in all other conferences.

Love, love, love

I yield to no one in my love for sports and particularly for basketball. One thing about basketball I detest, however, is so called recruiting news and which college is showing recruits love (their word, not mine).

Please allow me to pass on a totally different recruiting story.

A father I know had a daughter who had been accepted by Harvard. However, the family could not afford the cost of sending their daughter to the Ivy League.
The father knew the president of the University of Kentucky, who was told the money situation.

UK preSIDENT nixed recruit

The UK president at the time, Otis Singletary, told the father to let him talk to the student.

“Just give me five minutes with your daughter and I’ll talk her into coming to UK.”

The five-minute interview ended early because Singletary, who was national president of Phi Beta Kappi at the time, told the father that “Your daughter belongs at Harvard.”

The father of the student told Singletary, “Some recruiter you are! Thanks a lot.”

The daughter was a state tennis champion and a hard-hitting softball infielder. She could have had scholarship offers to play sports, but she had her heart set on Harvard.

She was a four-year softball starter for Harvard.

During her senior year at Harvard, she was selected for a year-long Kentucky Rotary Club scholarship to any university in England. She chose Cambridge University.

The ‘H” Bomb

During the Rotary Club interviews, she was introduced to the two other finalists. When she ended her interview, she emerged from the interview room and was laughing.
“Dad,” she said, “I had to use the ‘H’ bomb (for Harvard) just once. The other two finalists were bragging about the universities they were attending and one of them haughtily asked her, “And where do you go to school?”

Jennifer Lawrence

The hottest young actress in Hollywood is Jennifer Lawrence, who is the grand-daughter of the late Dave Lawrence, who was a prominent basketball player and educator from little Corinth High in Grant County.

Dave Lawrence and his brother Frank Lawrence, were the stars of coach Ted Hornback’s 1930 state champions.

Dave Lawrence was a two-year star for Adolph Rupp at UK and later a dean at UofL. He revived the Louisville end of the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star game. He took charge when the All-Star series was at a dangerous low — as the series now is once again.

Hornback coached just that one year before returning to Western Kentucky State Teachers College to assist Hall of Fame coach Ed Diddle.