Recruiting Papers Please

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What a week!

I just wish we could know all of the interesting stories.

The best concerned a football prospect who had chosen his college. He had completed all of the recruiting papers.

Then his mother went to his high school and asked to see his recruiting papers. She did more than just look at them. She walked out with them! Why? Because she didn’t want him to go to the college he had signed up for. I just wish I could tell you how that ended. But remember this: It never hurts to have a mother on your side.

I have heard all kinds of recruiting stories.

Valuable dog

Once there was a college football coach who visited the father of a great recruit. The father asked, “See that old hound by the fireplace? How much would you give me for him?”

Well, said the recruiter,  “I’m not sure.”

Said the father, “Well, Coach Jones from State U. offered me $5,000 for him.”

I wish I knew how that turned out.

Sweetheart Helped UK

When Kentucky’s greatest athlete, Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones of Harlan, was being recruited, the University of Tennessee entertained him. When he left Knoxville in 1945, he drove a new car.

Back in Kentucky, he called his sweetheart in Middlesboro, Edna Ball, and told her that he was going to the University of Tennessee.

“That’s fine,” said Edna,  but I am going to the University of Kentucky.”

That settled that. Wah’s best buddy, Humzey Yessin, drove the car back to UT.

Cars often are involved. A new college coach was informed by a recruit that he would have to return a car to a sugar daddy.

“Why?” the new coach asked. “Keep the car. Do you think the other college is going to let anyone know that they gave you a car?”

Ole Miss landed the No. 1 prospect  this year. That was the biggest surprise of the entire recruiting season. Do you know why? Because his big brother is a player at the Oxford, Miss., school. Obviously he has been treated just fine.

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