Jurich Could Run UK And UL Sports

Don’t you feel sorry for Penn State University?

I do. And I’d like to do something for the Nittany Lions.

As you know, Penn State is trying to recover from the worst  and ugliest mess in the history of intercollegiate athletics. You probably have read or heard more than you wanted to know about the shameful conduct of one of its top football assistants who was protected by the director of athletics. The coach is now in prison and probably will rot there.

I know where Penn State should start – and stop – looking for an A.D. who could straighten out everything that ails the campus.

The man I recommend to the Big Ten school will bring the university instant credibility. He is a church-going man who is squeaky clean. Competent?  You bet. Only one man may be more competent than my candidate – and he isn’t interested in changing his employment.

The man I have in mind for Penn State is none other than Mitch Barnhart.

Yes, he is secure at the University of Kentucky, where he hired a man who in just a few short years has brought a national basketball championship to Lexington. And he has built a strong women’s program.

Is he a football man too?

Well, Penn State can win in football if a monkey is the head coach. But an NCAA national basketball trophy would be a nice replacement  for all those football ones that were banished from the campus as if they never happened.

Is the man I have in mind for Penn State available?

Money talks, louder than anything else. Penn State can meet anyone’s asking price.

Better hurry, Penn State!

If “my man” should move to Penn State, I have a successor in mind for the University of Kentucky – actually one so competent and respected that he could be in charge of athletics at both of Kentucky’s major universities!

You read that right.

And why not?

If one man (or one woman) can be governor of our entire state and run everything, I am certain that a man as competent as Tom Jurich could run athletics at both UK and UofL.

No man has ever done as much for our state’s economy and employment as one woman, former governor Martha Layne Collins, who lured the huge Toyota plant for Georgetown. People as far away as Paducah work at the huge plant in Scott County (and commute each day!).

Think big, Kentucky!

And here’s a tip: I hope that you got to read Eric Crawford’s column on WDRB.com. Craword  gushed – I don’t know any better word – about the building job Jurich has done at UofL.

Sam Rechter and Harry Jones, who recruited Jurich to Louisville, should take a well-deserved bow.