It Takes More Than One Paper For Fans

Sports Columnist
The Voice-Tribune

While waiting in an eye specialist’s office recently, a nice lady sat down beside me. She noticed that I had my usual four daily newspapers and asked, “May I look at one of your papers?”

I handed her my New York Times.

“No, thank you,” she said and handed it back to me. “I don’t read that liberal stuff!”

I told her that I retired from The Courier-Journal after a long career and that I didn’t agree with many of its editorials.

But it didn’t keep me from reading the paper or The New York Times.

I once asked Barry Bingham Sr., The C-J’s owner, why we usually endorsed Democrats.

He said that he just thought that Democrats were better people, “but we always supported John Sherman Cooper,” the Republican U.S. Senator from Somerset.

Anyone in this business needs to read all the newspapers and magazines (yes, I read them too). When I pass along information to you, I always give credit.

Examples: From USA Today, I learned that Western Kentucky paid Willie Taggart $475,000 last year and signed Bobby Petrino for $850,000. UK paid Joker Phillips $1,700,000 last year and signed successor Mark Stoops for $2,001,250.

For staying at Louisville, Charlie Strong will make $1.4 million more than he made last year.

I subscribe to The Times, USA Today and The Lexington Herald-Leader. The Times has the best sports section in the nation. USA Today is a much different paper that is full of interesting national stories and columns. The C-J and The Herald-Leader are much better than they get credit for. The C-J is a must for Cardinal fans and also does a decent job with UK, but The Herald-Leader is No. 1 for Wildcat fans.