Cardinals Are On A Roll

Sports Columnist
The Voice-Tribune

Is there no end to the high-riding sports streak that the University of Louisville is on?

Let us count the glories:

1. A major bowl victory under football coach Charlie Strong.

2. Many of the football stars are returning for at least one more season, headed by top-ranked quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

3. National championship games for both men and women in basketball.

4. Nationally ranked men’s baseball and women’s softball teams.

5. Acceptance by the Atlantic Coast Conference, a tremendous boost for the Cardinals in football, and the basketball Cardinals will get to battle the likes of Duke, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest. And Syracuse is going with UofL into the ACC.

Just imagine the Cardinals clashing each season with coach K’s Blue Devils in the KFC YUM! CENTER.

  • Ann H. Stewart

    I’m a devoted UL alum, an aging faculty brat even, and a former member of one of the A&S boards, have been involved with UL since I was 15, so I take issue with the statement that this recent and well deserved NCAA Championship is UL’s third national championship. It is not – it’s the fifth! The first was the old NAIB in 1948 with Peck Hickman at the helm, and there are some players still with us from that team! The second was the National Invitational Tourney in 1956 – I went to the welcome home rally for that one at the old Belknap Gym – my date asked me if I’d go, said they were practically begging people to come! If it were not for Coach Hickman none of anything that’s followed would have been possible. Take a look at UL’s illustrious basketball history – “we stand on the shoulders of giants”.