Crimsons Roll Past Eagles

DuPont Manual’s Crimsons surged past Eastern High School’s Eagles 72-55, with forward Dwayne Sutton, finishing with 26 points, 12 rebounds and five assists in a game which saw the Crimson’s extend their record for the season to 16-3.

The game saw Manual lead 35-25 at halftime and Eastern did not come closer than eight points for the rest of the game.
Trey Moses, leading the Eagles’ scoring with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Caleb Williams added 14 as the hosts fell back to 13-4 on the season.

Photos by DAMON ATHERTON | Contributing Photographer

Eastern\'s Trey Moses (32) controlled the tip in front of the home crowd.Jarrett Harness (4) returned the ball to Manual territory.Eastern\'s Sugar Ray Wyche (2) and Caleb WIlliams (24) hit the floor to retain posession of the ball.Manual\'s Chris West (3) took a shot over Eastern\'s Caleb WIlliams (24).Caleb Williams (24) pulled down a rebound over Manual\'s Marquis McClendon (23).Marquis McClendon (23) took a second before making his move.Eastern\'s Demetreion Harden (10) and Manual\'s Jake Chilton (34) chased after a loose ball.Eagle Cameron Reed (5) found a sweet spot behind the arc.Dwayne Sutton (22) posted another two for the Crimsons.Dwayne Sutton (22) held off the close defense of Eastern\'s Dominique Knight (0).Tyler Green (22) looked for a team mate over the Manual defense.Chance Moore (11) stayed just ahead of Manual\'s Joaunn Rivers (20) as he drove down the sideline.Trey Moses (32) was strong taking it to the hoop for the Eagles.A Manual fould sent Eastern\'s Sugar Ray Wyche (2) to the free throw line.Following the Crimsons\' victory, the two teams shook hand to cap a hard-fought game.Morocco Cornelison (4) put up a short jumper while surrounded by Manual players.