Bruins Stage Comeback to Reach Sweet 16

Ballard came back from the brink of defeat last Thursday against DuPont Manual, booking their place in the Sweet 16 with a 67-60 win. Down 48-38 in the fourth quarter the Bruins won in overtime with 11 straight points.

Jalen Perry top-scored with 25 points, while also notching 8 rebounds as Anthony Eaves chipped in with 14 points and 6 boards to help Ballard extend their winning streak to 26 games. Dwayne Sutton top-scored for Manual with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

JaKory Freeman (10) handled the ball for the Crimsons.Manual\'s Chris west (3) kept Ballard\'s Paul Schiavone (32) at arm\'s length.Dwayne Sutton (22) cut a path to the hoop for an easy two.Dwayne Sutton (22) grabbed a rebound for the Crimsons.Ballard\'s Jamil Wilson (22) took a shot over Manual\'s Jarett Harness (4).Manual\'s Chris West (3) forced his way into the lane.Chris West (3) put up a short jumper for the Crimsons.The DuPont-Manual Cheerleaders kept their crowd pumped up throughout the game.Dwayne Sutton (22) stepped up to the free throw line.Anthony Eaves (5) took it to the hoop against Manual\'s Jake Chilton (34).Ballard\'s Anthony Eaves (5) was awarded a trip to the free throw line.Anthony Eaves (5) drove the baseline under the Bruins\' basket.Ballard\'s Jalen Perry (21) looked inside for a fellow Bruin.With the Ballard faithful behind him, Anthony Eaves (5) let go a three-point attempt.Ballard\'s Corey Douglas (4) took a one-handed attempt at a basket.Anthony Eaves (5) found an open path to the Ballard hoop.Jalen Perry (21) put up a one-handed jumper, and picked up a trip to the free throw line.Paul Schiavone (32) controlled the ball for Ballard.The Bruins\' bench began celebrating as the overtime period began to wind down.The Ballard Bruins celebrated their 7th Region championship and their berth in the Sweet 16.