Mayhem on Montana

Billy Duckett

Billy Duckett

You don’t have to live across the street to see the rowdiness of the Derby crowd. On Montana Avenue, about a mile away from Churchill Downs, Billy Duckett has observed just as much, if not more, hoopla than those at the track.

“I’d say about 5 a.m. people start arriving (to park on Montana),” he said. “I saw a guy completely nude; drunk as can be. That was after the Derby coming back. He was complaining he lost all his money and he figured, I lost all my money, I might as well lose all my clothes.”

Since 1993, Duckett has lived in his home on Montana, where he’s seen and heard it all on Derby day. He rarely attends Louisville’s largest event, though he worked the track one year with Brantley Security.

Most of the time, on the first Saturday in May, he and his neighbors fire up the grill and throw a cookout in Duckett’s front yard. This way, they save on the cost of track admission and the gambling that’s likely to ensue. But, staying home for Derby isn’t all that bad. After all there’s free entertainment showing on the street, which luckily continues throughout the day, since Duckett and his friends won’t be driving anywhere until the Derby has concluded.

“Make sure you save up vacation days up for Oaks and Derby because you ain’t going nowhere,” said Duckett. “When I had my job … and I would drive to work on Oaks it would take me like three hours just to get from here to, say UofL. That’s how bad traffic is … and it’s chaos.”

Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune