Furthering Our Voice

Have you picked up The Voice-Tribune’s first-ever glossy edition? If not, I hope you will. The team labored for weeks on this inaugural endeavor. I certainly don’t mean to be boastful, but I’m really proud of what this staff accomplished. We’re not exactly large in number, most of us have been on board for two years or less and the average age of the production crew is about 23.

Months ago, I was told The Voice team was too inexperienced and lacking in talent to produce a glossy magazine. I knew better. They did too. We look forward to proving that again in the future.

Power in Numbers

This week’s issue includes two pieces that really grabbed my heart, both on page C9 in the print edition.

The first is the only pet obituary I’ve ever edited. It’s an incredibly sweet tribute to a black lab named Luke Rucker who died in late March after 10 years of life. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever laid a furry – or feathered – family member to rest.

The other piece is about two dogs named Kati and Kali. They’re owned by a family that is moving into government housing, where the pets aren’t allowed, because they’ve lost their home.

Somewhere out there is a person – or people – who would be the right fit for Kati and Kali. Even if it’s not you, I ask you to take a moment to read their story and then pass it on. There is power in numbers. Use yours. Please.


Prior to the March 2 tornado outbreak, I warned a number of friends and colleagues about the approaching storm after heeding the advice of several meteorologist friends. “This could be life-changing,” I told them.

I never expected that my words would ring true in an entirely different way than I’d intended.

Louisville was spared but what has since transpired is a continued outpouring of support, love and generosity from our community to those that were affected, including Henryville. If you’ve been privy to the continued displays of human kindness, you know what I say is true: the experience has been life changing.

The Voice was fortunate to have played a role in the initial relief efforts. Now, we’re being asked to step back up and help recruit others as the city continues to rebuild one house, one life at a time.

The needs are great and varied, and they’re not going away any time soon. If you’re interested in volunteering with us in the small Southern Indiana town, please send an email to YourVoice@voice-tribune.com.

Join us

It’s officially Derby time in the River City, and we’re giving the unofficial season a proper kick-off on April 19 at the Kentucky Derby Musuem.The Voice is partnering with Four Roses for our April Third Thursday After-Work Party. Admission, as always, is gratis, and there will be plenty to eat and drink, plus swag bags and giveaways. Perhaps the best part of the event will be the annual Rose Julep contest featuring some of the city’s best mixologists and watching them compete against one another up close ‘n’ personal or via live video projected around the room.

Save The Date

Volare, 2300 Frankfort Ave., is having a Ladies Night Launch Party on April 11. Tim Laird will make specialty cocktails from the brand new Little Black Dress Vodka. Live music will be provided from Volare favorite Robbie Bartlett.

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