Freezing For A Reason

Last week, hundreds of individuals converged on Tumbleweed on the River to jump into The Ohio all in the name of charity.

The annual Special Olympics Polar Plunge took place on a sunny Saturday and was a fun, festive event that left teeth chattering but hearts toasty warm.

I took part (dressing in ‘80s attire just for the heck of it) after Tumbleweed operators and brothers Matt and Mike Higgins offered to donate $1,000 to Special Olympics if I joined them. Then, several community members – including Terry Roy and James and Adele Murphy –  kicked in more donations to a cause that’s near and dear. I took the plunge this past weekend in honor of my sister, Steph, who continues to dispel stereotypes and defy limitations. Freezing for a reason never felt so good.

Photos by TONY BENNETT | Contributing Photographer

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Click here to purchase photos.