Drive Into 2012

The last of the eggnog has been dutifully sipped.

The menorahs have been stored until next year, the cookie sheets tucked away.

The gift-shopping frenzy is over.

Now, it’s the time to focus on our goals for the upcoming year.

And, if you’re like so many others, you have put together a list of your New Year’s resolutions. You may even be one step further in the game and have started planning how you’re going to achieve them.

But, if you’re like most, don’t be fooled into thinking that sustaining your goal can be as tough as winning the lottery.

This is not to say we shouldn’t challenge ourselves – we should!

What is the allure to most of us about making a New Year’s resolution?

Is it the appeal of starting from scratch? Is it the appeal of throwing away all our bad habits and starting a clean slate?

Is it that we somehow magically believe big changes begin when the calendar switches from one year to another?

Without a doubt, there is something pleasing about the beginning of a new year and leaving our bad habits behind.

January is typically like the Super Bowl for gyms. New Year’s resolutions tend to get us moving off the couch and lacing up our sneakers.

It’s the time when finding a little elbow room at the gym or yoga studio can test our patience.

Yet, we know that by the time March rolls around, more often than not our workout space is back to normal.

I’m not saying you can’t dream big, but choosing a New Year’s resolution that is somewhat challenging – yet realistic – will more than likely keep you from becoming discouraged.

For some of us, we don’t succeed at keeping our resolutions because we’re too quick to accept failure.

If you fall off the path for a day or the weekend, don’t let it ruin your drive.

Get back in the driver’s seat and try to figure out how to avoid taking the wrong turn.

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