The Art Of Skincare

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown.

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown.

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, creator and founder of RéVive Skincare, has seamlessly merged his must-have skincare products with his love for art. He commissioned renowned artist Pat Steir to create Bays Boutique’s 10th anniversary, limited edition RéVive Artbox, which uniquely combines cosmetics and the world of art. Here’s what Dr. Greg Brown had to say about marking this milestone anniversary of his collectible Artbox.

LORI KOMMOR: What can you tell me about the limited edition keepsake Artbox? 

DR. GREGORY BAYS BROWN: This year’s keepsake box features the art of Pat Steir, an established artist found in most major museums: JB Speed, MOMA, the Whitney, the National Gallery, the Met, etcetera. She is one of the last living links to the New York School of Abstract Expressionists. Her work is Zen-like in that she allows the paint to direct her – she doesn’t have a preconceived notion of the result. (The Artbox is) a combination of color field, abstract expressionism and her own indelible intuition.

KOMMOR: A  different artist is chosen each year to create the Artbox. How are the artists chosen, and  what was the inspiration for renowned artist Pat Steir?

BROWN: I choose the artists sometimes two years in advance. I met Pat when she came for a lecture at The Speed several years ago, subsequently bought a piece of hers, and (we) became friends. Also, she is represented by Cheim Read Gallery in New York, and her representative and agent there is Mary Gail Paar, a native Louisvillian.

Over the course of our friendship and my love of art she was an obvious choice.  Art can mean many things, but obviously, for our annual box, the art itself must have beauty and majesty.

KOMMOR: Can the Artbox be found anywhere other than Bays Boutique?

BROWN: The Artbox cannot be purchased anywhere else in Kentucky; however, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and a select number of boutiques around the country carry the box.

KOMMOR: Bays Boutique has recently introduced some new product lines. Can you tell us about the new products and how they were selected?  

BROWN: One of our most exciting new lines is Laura Mercier cosmetics, which is a “sister” brand to RéVive – we are now under the same umbrella of ownership. Laura (Mercier) and I have been friends for l5 years, and she brings a whole unique philosophy to color and makeup –  the idea of the flawless face. We are excited to offer her line at Bays Boutique.

KOMMOR: As an avid art collector, who are some of your favorite artists and why? 

BROWN: I have a very eclectic art palate. Favorite artists range from established blue chip Post-War artists like (Andy) Warhol, Joan Mitchell, Robert Motherwell and Louise Nevelson to earlier (artists such as) Francis Picabia and Leopold Survage, to more current artists, (like) Donald Baechler, Mickalene Thomas and Helio Oiticica. I just love art, and I see art in many things, not just pictures hanging on a wall. To me, RéVive is art in concept and appearance.