Where Resolutions Come to Life

What are your goals for 2015? Whether you’re already fit or just wanting to get in shape, the New Year always presents an opportunity for improvement. One way to ensure that you stick to your resolution is to make sure your goals are attainable. However, you can increase your chances of long-term success by consulting with professional trainers who will guide you through every step of the way.

I caught up with Stephanie Frigo who is the owner of OutFit Louisville Training Studio and two top trainers Missy Burge and Mat Sullivan to get their input on ways they can help you attain your goals.

What suggestions do you have for someone who is interested in starting a new workout regimen?

Stephanie Frigo: I think that the best way to start a new workout regimen varies from person to person. Age, fitness level and other variables come into play. If you are a person new at participating in a fitness program, or the many responsibilities of life have kept you from participating in physical activity, you should schedule a health check up with your doctor. Once cleared to participate, there are so many options.

Tell me about the training and class options available?

Missy Burge: OutFit is a boutique personal training gym. We have many options from one-on-one sessions to small group training sessions. We also have kickboxing and spin classes. We pride ourselves on developing not only a tailor made regimen for all of our clients, but also creating a fun and safe environment that fosters camaraderie and commitment.

What differentiates OutFit from other personal fitness studios?

Stephanie Frigo: At OutFit we focus on functional training, corrective movement, flexibility and balance training, along with resistance training and cardio. TRX, Rip Trainer, bosu and ballast balls, resistant bands, free weights, medicine and core balls, sliding discs, numerous treadmills, rowing machines, and RealRyder spin bikes are some of the equipment that we use. We believe in making every hour different, concentrating sometimes on intensity, but also realizing that the true goal is longevity. AT OutFit, it’s about moving and feeling better for the long haul! I think that is one thing that really differentiates us from other studios. As others only focus on intensity, we realize that there is a lot involved in developing a whole exercise program that addresses many important facets to keeping the body and mind strong and healthy. An exercise program should be challenging and individual goals should be able to be attained in a safe and effective manner with longevity as the key prize. Ultimately when you leave OutFit our goal for every client is to feel more confident and to be ready to take on what life has in store for them. Most of the trainers at OutFit have been working with their clients for many years, so we accommodate client needs, whether it is to progress or modify.

How do the trainers at OutFit stay on top of the latest fitness trends?

Mat Sullivan: The trainers at OutFit attend at least one out of town fitness conference a year. We all hold various certifications, so we must keep up with our continuing education credits to maintain our certifications. We also subscribe to many fitness and health journals. We are a collaborative group. We are continually sharing ideas and concepts with each other. We are a pretty creative and innovative group with a loyal following. We love what we do and strive to make it fun for our clients.

What is the best way for someone to get started at OutFit or learn more about training options?

Missy Burge: The best way to get started at OutFit is to either contact us by phone, or email the owner, Stephanie Frigo and check out the website. Stephanie has invested in the coolest spin bikes in town, and has multiple spin classes and trainers listed on the website at outfiilouisville.com. RealRyder Bikes are the closet thing to an outdoor ride. The bike’s rear wheel is attached to an arm that allows you to lean into turns getting your whole body involved in the ride. The bikes come along with computers that measure heart rate, calories expended, distance, time and intensity. The monitor allows you to challenge yourself to an intense work out while each instructor jams fun and motivating music. VT