Best-Laid Plans & Wonderful Weddings

Some of the most stressful, and happiest times in your life come with planning your wedding. At the end of the day, you can make your wedding planning process as easy or difficult as you want to make it – it’s up to you.

One way to help alleviate the stress is to consult with a professional wedding planner A wedding coordinator will guide you through each detail to create your dream wedding with it’s own unique style. Sandy Mead, owner of Streamers Event Planning, shared her expertise on creating the perfect wedding.

Sandy Mead.

Sandy Mead.

What are some of the first things that need to be discussed with the bride and groom when planning their wedding? The first meeting is all about getting to know the bride and groom, and getting a feel for their vision. Often the couple has a few things picked out; ceremony or reception location, size: or personal touches they want to include. Our goal is to help guide those choices and help assist them with selecting vendors who we know can meet that vision and fulfill their dream. We also feel it’s important to share the history of Streamers and why our services are so important. We want this to be a good fit for both parties. The result of that first meeting usually ends with the couple and family members feeling a sense of confidence and optimism about the event.

No matter how much planning you do, things can happen. Do you always have a back -up plan? There is always something that is going to surprise you, despite your best-laid and most well-thought-out plans. The best thing to have is a team that can handle anything that comes up with poise and a calm demeanor that is quick to accommodate the unknown, last minute hiccup. Mother Nature is famous for not playing into the plan on occasions, but we have seen so much that there isn’t anything I think our team couldn’t handle. We have cut button holes into groomsmen’s shirts, picked up a Ketuvah left at the framing shop by the client, driven an antique Corvette to the reception for a Father of the Bride, and dealt with the unexpected bodily mishaps.

Do you handle every aspect of the planning if asked to? We can create the event of your dreams! We offer complete planning assistance and implementation from the beginning to the end. We start the process by offering our assistance as you design your event, helping with the service details, suggesting and procuring vendors, meeting with caterers and planning a menu. If desired, we will extend our assistance with your other weekend events as well and all with a creative flair! Two or more Streamers associates will be present during your event. Three tiers of fees are available and included in our contract.

We also offer our services for the day of the event only. You provide your own planning, design and procurement of vendors. We provide assistance with the flow of your event from greeting guests, to making sure your plans are followed for the day. We work with the vendors on your behalf, so you can enjoy the big day. This includes two or more Streamers associates, as needed, for your event and a two-hour planning meeting so you can share your vision with us.

What separates you from other wedding planners? Not only do we have a great team, but we are all great friends! We know each other’s strengths and pull from each other to make the event the best it could be. We have all been doing this for several years and have a lot of experience and creativity to draw from. Understanding the event from this side gives you a different perspective and allows us to easily go above and beyond for our clients. We pride ourselves on attending to the small details. For example, we always make sure to upscale the bathrooms for aesthetic beauty and can provide a personal newspaper for the guests including articles and pictures from the day’s events. There is no task too large or too small, too technical or requiring too specialized a talent that our team can’t fulfill. Our team includes Rosanne Zabloudil, Ellen Herf, Halle Nussbaum, and Tammy Giessler. VT

Streamers can be reached via the owner, Sandy Mead at 502.619.3600 or you can email at streamers.sandy@gmail.com.