Artebella: Delivering Local Art Directly To Enthusiasts

Rick Sneed.

Rick Sneed.

Wanting to get in touch with the local art community and see firsthand works by local artists daily? The Louisville Visual Art Association (LVAA) has made this possible by their newly launched website, Artebella, which has been created for the art enthusiast. I caught up with board member Rick Sneed to find out the benefits of Artebella and how The Voice-Tribune readers can sign up for their daily dose of art!

Lori Kommor: LVAA just launched Artebella, a daily email that introduces local artists to people who enjoy art. What more can you tell us about Artebella?
Rick Sneed: Artebella is the effortless way for people to view locally created, contemporary art. Most people who are interested in art want to see new and inspiring work by emerging as well as critically-acclaimed local artists, but don’t have the time to search out and find quality art. Each weekday, Artebella delivers an email to your inbox featuring an original work of art by a local artist, along with a short description.

When signing up for Artebella, recipients can choose between receiving the email daily or in a digest format with all five works of the week featured in one email. Recipients can follow links to learn more about the artist, see other works on the artist’s Artebella profile page and purchase art. Artebella offers an innovative program to help educate the public on visual art, build international awareness for local artists and connect local artists to prospective individual and corporate art buyers.

L.K.: How does the selection process work in choosing an artist who is featured on Artebella?
R.S.: Anyone can submit work and be considered for inclusion in Artebella, but they do have to be or become a member of LVAA. Annual membership for artists is only $40 (apply online through the Artebella website, or at

Artwork of any media, size, style and subject may be submitted for consideration in the program. A curatorial panel composed of art professionals will review submissions quarterly and select works based on quality and visual appeal. All work must be submitted digitally through

L.K.: What are some of the benefits for an artist to be featured on Artebella?
R.S.: In addition to having their work featured in an email reaching thousands of people, all artists have an archived web page on the Artebella site; this searchable archive remains online in perpetuity.

This program provides a unique way to generate visibility for individual artists, increase exposure for their work and provide a direct access to potential new buyers. Because of Artebella’s broad consumer distribution, it introduces artists to new audiences they might not otherwise be exposed to. Artebella is about more than the individual; it has the power to change the way Louisvillians view art and how the world views Louisville artists.

Featured art, ‘Leopard Mountain,’ by Kelly Rains. Acrylic and ink on canvas, 24” x 24,” 2012.

Featured art, ‘Leopard Mountain,’ by Kelly Rains. Acrylic and ink on canvas, 24” x 24,” 2012.

L.K.: What is the best way for someone to sign up and receive emails from Artebella daily?
R.S.:Voice-Tribune readers can easily sign up to receive Artebella by going to and entering their email address in the “Sign Up Now” box.

L.K.: What is the overall response LVAA has received about Artebella?
R.S.: Since the launch two weeks ago, the response to Artebella has been terrific – our distribution list is already over 6,000 and growing. And some artists have already sold some of their work!

Through our various social media platforms alone, Artebella reaches thousands more followers. Artebella Daily recipients also have the option of sharing art works they like on Facebook by clicking “Like” and posting comments on their profile or posting comments on Twitter. Artebella is a success that continues to build, broaden and enlighten
its audience.

L.K.: What was the inspiration behind the Artebella project?
R.S.: Artebella is the result of LVAA’s creative brainstorming, conducted with local artists in order to come up with a new and innovative way to help local artists gain visibility for their work, sell more of their art, and cultivate more interest among consumers in the visual arts.

Artebella supplies the community’s need for a focal point for local art and local artists. LVAA’s mission is to be a catalyst for education and participation in the visual arts and Artebella helps us do both by making it easy for people to see and appreciate art.